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Production of jewelry Jewelry repair Breast badges Medal production Commemorative coin making Badge making Engraving works in the center Badges (badge), medal (medals), pins (pin) commemorative coin (coins) production. Merit badges, breast badges, honorary badges, orders, order, commemorative medals, medals, orders, order, production. Engraver works. Metal design, plates, plates with engraving for gifts, paintings, awards, jewelry (jewelery) making, gold, silver chain repair, ring repair, chain shortening, ring size increasing, decreasing, earring repair, jewelry repair, maintenance. Restoration. Brooches, (brooches) breast badges, breast badges. Custom-made jewelry. Jewellery, jewelry, rings, gold, bracelets, wedding rings, wedding rings, individual gifts.


Honorary orders Breast badges Breast badges Medals Medals Medal pin Coin Brooch Pins National Guard Battalion Breast badge

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