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Beauty , massage, manicure , pedicure, cosmetologist , cosmetology in Ventspils, waxing in Ventspils.


Massage, medical, sports, sculptural, verto, relaxing, point massage. Body wrapping procedures and applications, mesotherapy, waxing procedures. Contracts with insurance companies. BTA, Seesam, Gjensidige, If Latvia, White, Ergo. Massages. Beautician, manicure, pedicure, facial cleansing, peeling, massage, mask, masks are put in by ultrasound hyaluronic acid, ampoules with hyaluronic acid, pregnant women massage, massage for pregnant women, chocolate massage, wrapping y choice - Dead Sea mud, algae, mint, grape leaves, berries, green tea, ginger, anise, lifting massage, capsule, ( deep cleaning face biolifting, seashell massage for face, vacuum massage with a device that does not stretch the skin, relaxing foot massage, hot stone massage, relaxing massage with oils which are chosen to each customer individually, wrapping with AROSHA cosmetics, face procedures, bio peeling, manual lymphatic drainage, lipolysis with ultrasound, Arosha procedures. Foot massage, head massage. Žanna, health studio Žanna.

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