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Laser epilation, facial skin regeneration, figure correction! Beauty treatment, cellulite and stretch mark treatment, R-F lifting, vacuum massage, hyaluronic acid injections. Lymphatic drainage, vacuum massage, epilation in Riga, Riga salon.


Laser epilation Laser epilation in Riga Mesotherapy Lymphatic drainage Vacuum massage Beauty care R.F lifting mesotherapy. Laser clinic. Secure skin hair removal, laser epilation, laser hair removal with the latest generation laser Light Sheer Lumenis (USA) for any type of skin (even tanned). Face skin rejuvenation, wrinkle removal, body correction, cellulite treatment, stretch marks (striae) liquidation, stretched skin renewal. Lymphatic drainage. Face, massage. Therapeutic massage. Massages with hands. Cooperates with insurance companies. We accept patients with a GP referral. Physical therapy procedures. Body care procedure with Guam muds. For men and women. Laser clinic. TRI AKTIV, TRI AKTIVE. Chemical peeling. Laser epilation. We offer today's most advanced laser "Light Sheer", developed by company Lumenis. Laser light beam influences on pigment in hair follicle, damaging its growth center. As a result, hair is completely destroyed or is radically hindered its growth. Laser beam energy is best absorbed in hair follicles that are in the growth phase. Possible to remove all types of hair (exception - gray and very fine, light hairs). Upper lip, chin, underarm, nipple area, arms: from elbow to fingers, from shoulder to elbow, all hand, belly (stripe) belly for women, belly for men, bikini zone, hip, legs from knee to toes, all leg, shoulders, back, fingers and toes. Massage: classical body massage, back massage. Ultrasound joys for body (equipment - PHYSIOMED - IONOSON - Germany). Ultrasound splits fat cells, scar tissue, fibrosis infiltrates and promotes its absorption. Products used: Carnitin (Weyergans - Germany). With this apparatus can treat arms, belly, thighs. Cellulite treatment, galife syndrome, connective tissue strengthening, stretch marks - procedure should be done every second or third day for 10-12 sessions, scar treatment, foot warts. Skin rejuvenating + slimming. Slimming. Slimming with laser. Procedures for weight loss, belly massage, slim figure, slimming, overweight. Healthy slimming. -laser, cold and vacuum massage. Weight loss. Weight loss. Hyaluronic plastic depth skin moisturizing. Small wrinkle correction, tissue hydration, skin elasticity recovery. Cosmetic procedure alternative to syringes! Teenager acne, acne its treatment. Face skin cleaning with laser. Ingrown hair removal. Ingrown hair. Lazernaja epilacija. Epilation in Riga. Laser clinic, laser clinic. Lazernaja epilacija. Laser epilation prices see on! Medical. Insurance policies. We perform procedures: IAL- system injections; Biorevitalization, face beauty injections, skin wrinkle smoothing by injection method. Hyaluronic acid injections, (Hyaluronic acid injections are used, to replace over time lost amount of hyaluronic acid in the skin, to restore skin firmness and volume, smoothen wrinkles) mesoroller, mesoroller. MIKROINJEKCIJU TERAPIJA AR MEZOROLLERI, mesotherapy. RFlifting, Radiolifting, RF lifting, RF lifting, Face lifting by radio waves. RF - lifting - non-surgical face and body skin lifting. Epilation in Riga. Laser epilation in Riga. Massage in Riga. Laser epilation is a painless procedure as an alternative to waxing or depilation. Cellulite treatment, mesotherapy. Double chin, elimination of a double chin, lip augmentation.


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