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Experience in timber processing and supply since 2007.


Boards Sale of timber materials Sawn timber Woodworking Timber Finishing boards Beams, laths, beams, rafters, wooden lintels, fresh sawn timbers of various sizes, for construction, for construction, all kind of, for construction, upon request. Timber production and trade, equipping, delivery. Board production, trade. Planed, dried, antiseptizēti, impregnated, calibrated, colored timbers. Lumber supply, transport services, antiseptizing services, impregnation services, for roof, roof boxes. Fences, for fence, for wooden terraces, for wooden terraces, for any wooden construction. Wooden fences, wooden fences, fence wood blanks, timber for any wood construction, terrace boards, various width finishing boards, bathhouse finish, sweating shelf boards, finishing boards for bathhouses, lining, vagonka, floor boards, wooden floors, wooden terraces, wood finishing materials, wood-frame constructions, sawn timber for wooden frames, timber antiseptic, lumber antiseptic, timber fire treatment, timber fire processing, timber production and trade, lumber production and trade. Timber in Pieriga, In Riga District, In Kekava, In Kekavas district, Daugmale, Ķegums, In Lielvārde, In Ogre, In Baldone, Iecava, Bauska, In Bauska region, In Ikskile, In Madona, Madonas district, In Salaspils, all over Latvia, Stopinu district, In Marupe, In Babite, In Jelgava, In Ozolnieki, In Jurmala, In Dobele, In Jekabpils, In Pļaviņas. Woodworking. Construction material, building structure sale. Sale of finishing materials, wholesale. Finishing materials: floor coverings. Road transport.


Antiseptized timbers Finishing boards Finishing boards Floor boards Dried sawn timber Wood-frame constructions Timber in construction Planed sawn timber

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