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Hotel's historic building was built in 1912. Welcome to relax in the recently renovated hotel Dzintars! We're just 10 minutes' walk from the beach. Hotel Dzintars is 100 meters from the railway station Dzintari. The airport is a 15-minute drive away. We offer to welcome our guests - transfer!


Cafes bars restaurants Hotel Jūrmala Banquet hall in Jurmala Hotel in Jurmala Hotels Hotel Restaurant in Jurmala Children's events in Jurmala Bathhouse in Jurmala Sauna in Jurmala Weddings in Jurmala Hotel Dzintars, Dzintars Hotel, hotel Dzintars in Jurmala. Hotel in Jurmala. Hotel in Dzintari. We offer our guests 35 comfortable rooms. Room service private bathroom. Rooms have heated floors, also air-conditioner. Minibar, Sat tv, WiFi Internet, breakfast included. Breakfast can be enjoyed in the cafe, where during the day are served various dishes. Restaurant Dzintars offers wide premises for celebrations and banquets, but also for individual visitors. Traditional Latvian and European food menu. Hotel bar offers a wide selection of drinks. Restaurant Dzintars on weekends organizes musical dance nights in dance hall! Dance night in 80-ties style “For those over the age of …” and dances are every Saturday and Sunday evenings. We invite you to visit the unique DISCO 80 nights in the main hotel ballroom hall every Saturday, 19:00-24:00. Dance evenings are held: October 1- May 31 (on Saturdays 19.00-23.00), Juny 1 - September 31 (on Sundays 19.00-24.00). Organization of events, celebration organization. Private banquets. Banquet, feast, presentation organizing at the restaurant premises, banquet hall, (200 persons). Transfer. Banquets, seminars, conferences, social events, weddings, birthdays, birthday events, anniversary - table laying, meals. Guest have available also bike rental, motorcycle rental (scooters) three-star hotel, 3 star, hotels, rest in Jūrmala, Jurmala hotel, hostel, hostel, tourism, accommodation in Jurmala. Bars, restaurants, restaurant in Jurmala, cafes, cafe in Jūrmala. Hotel hotel in Jurmala, events in Jurmala, banquets in Jurmala, banquet hall, celebration hall, event organization, sauna, conference hall, disco 80, dance evenings, restaurant in Jurmala, bar, weddings in Jurmala. Sauna in Jurmala. Jacuzzi. Sauna TV, audio, WIFI. Recreation room for anniversaries, for celebrations, birthdays. Celebration premises with sauna. Sauna for 10-15.persons. Sauna by the hotel Dzintari. Sauna in Jurmala. Event place for children, children parties, parties for children, organisation of events for children. Children's event organizing in Jurmala. Celebration hall for children's parties. Children's parties in Jurmala. Parties in Jurmala. Catering for children events. Children's menu. Small restaurant hall for up to 30 people. Large restaurant hall for up to 150 people. Sauna in Jurmala. Jacuzzi. Sauna TV, audio, WIFI. Recreation room for anniversaries, for celebrations, birthdays. Celebration premises with sauna. Sauna for 10-15 persons. Sauna by the hotel Dzintari. Sauna in Jurmala. Bathhouse in Jurmala. Sauna by cafe Dzintars Hotel.


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