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Dr. med. Jāņa Ģīļa Plastic Surgery Clinic was founded in 1992 and specializes in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. In the clinic works 26 professional expert team, it is equipped with the most modern medical equipment.


Plastic surgeries Plastic surgery Beauty care Cosmetic surgeries Aesthetic medicine Plastic surgeries, plastic surgery. Aesthetic medicine. Breast augmentation with implants, adipose tissue, stem cells. Breast shape correction. Liposculpture. Liposuction, laser lipolysis. Face, ear, nose, breast, abdominal surgeries. Face oval correction, with fat, stem cells. Children's urology. Genital plastic surgery. Erectile dysfunction surgical treatment. Psychiatry, psychotherapy. Cosmetology. Dr. med. Jānis Ģīlis. Dr. Aigars Kišuro. Dr. Ainārs Ģīlis. Dr. Genādijs Rosļakovs. Dr. Irena Kermen. Dr. Jānis Lapiņš, Dr. Ansis Ģīlis. Facial and neck skin cosmetic surgeries - eyelids, ear and nose shape correction. Breast shape increasing, using the latest generation implants in combination with fat re-injections, breast form reduction and correction, breast reconstructive surgery. Face oval renewal, breast augmentation, breast asymmetry correction with stem cell enriched fat. Beauty injections. Botulinum toxin injections for wrinkle elimination. Laserlipolysis or fat cell splitting using laser. Male genital cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries. Female genital cosmetic surgeries. Body surgeries - leg shape correction, buttock sculpting, belly plastic surgery, fat liposuction and adipose tissue laserlipolysis with Smartlipo. Lipofilling.


Cosmetic surgeries Psychology Cosmetology Plastic surgeries Plastic surgery Beauty care Dr.Irēna Kermen (doctor- beautician) Plastic surgery in Riga

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