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Natural products, no harmful additives. Organic products. Products without animal ingredients (milk, meat, eggs). Tofu, Tempe, Cheese Alternatives, Meat Alternatives, Seitans, Yogurt, Pasta. Dried fruits. Nuts, Seeds, Pulses and Cereal Products. Natural supplements. Products can be viewed at our retail store Lāčplēša iela 17, Riga.


Food sale Vegetarian diet Food. Bio food, vegan diet, cheese alternatives, lactose-free, gluten-free food, tofu, tempehs, seitans, healthy snacks, dried fruit truffles, chilled food, desserts, yogurts, vegetarian sausage, vegetarian sausages, humus, pates, coconut oil, nut butter, dried fruits, fruit juices, coffee alternatives, dairy alternatives, teas, legume products, nuts, seeds, hemp products, spices, oils, vegan ice cream, Violife, Provamel, Country Life, Sojade, seaweed, japanese cuisine products, red rice, miso paste, date syrup, eco cleaning products, natural cosmetics, natural food supplements, food wholesale, vegetarian food, vegetarian dishes, biological products, Nature station.

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