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    1. АКВА-СЕРВИС ООО, торгово-монтажное предприятие

      236038, пос. Васильково (Гурьевский р-н), Шатурская ул., 1Г

      +7 (4012) 582666

      Filters for water
    2. АЛЕКОМ, отопительное и водонагревательное оборудование

      236023, Калининград, Марата ул., 2

      +7 (4012) 335502

      Heating and the heating equipment

      236004, Калининград, Полтавская ул., 3

      +7 (4012) 688010

      Heating and the heating equipment

      236000, Калининград, Большая Песочная ул., 23/25

      +7 921 7101977

      Filters for water
    5. КВАДР, архитектурная мастерская

      236000, Калининград, Балтийская ул., 26А

      +7 (4012) 985388

      Cotruction of residential and commercial buildings
    6. DTD, магазин электроинструментов

      238590, Пионерский, Шаманова ул., 3Б

      +7 (4012) 758448

      The sanitary technician

      236000, Калининград, Советский проспект, 191, эт. 2, оф. 1, 2

      +7 (4012) 526293

      Heating and the heating equipment

      236029, Калининград, Дорожная ул., 9

      +7 (4012) 555499

      Counters for gas, waters
    9. БОСФОР, монтажная компания

      238324, Калининград, Индустриальная ул., 1Б

      +7 967 3541236

      Heating and the heating equipment

      236023, Калининград, Алябьева ул., 34

      +7 (4012) 507244

      Heating and the heating equipment
    11. ДИАНТ, строительство газопроводов и котельных

      236038, Калининград, Еловая Аллея ул., 26, эт. 3, оф. 310А

      +7 (4012) 523063

      Heating and the heating equipment

      236029, Калининград, Геологическая ул., 1, оф. 402

      +7 (4012) 533774

      Special equipment
    13. КОТЕЛ39, ремонт и обслуживание отопительного оборудования

      236011, Калининград, Тихорецкий тупик, 1/3

      +7 (4012) 901416

      Heating and the heating equipment
    14. КОТЛОМАСТЕР, ремонт котлов и газовых колонок

      236000, Калининград

      +7 (4012) 904484

      Heating and the heating equipment
    15. ПРОФИ, строительная компания

      236023, Калининград, Алябьева ул., 34

      +7 (4012) 389260

      Heating and the heating equipment
    16. СЕГМЕНТ, группа компаний

      236023, Калининград, Курганская ул., 3

      +7 (4012) 991277

      Water supply, heating and the sewerage

      236010, Калининград, Вагоностроительная ул., 43

      +7 (4012) 390051

      Electroinstallation works

      236023, Калининград, Ломоносова ул., 3

      +7 (4012) 910303

      Heating and the heating equipment
    19. ТЕПЛОСЕРВИС39, ремонт и обслуживание теплового оборудования

      236000, Калининград, Красная ул., 247, ТЦ "Красный", кор 2., оф. 22

      +7 (4012) 524830

      Heating and the heating equipment

      238311, пос. Большое Исаково (Гурьевский р-н), Калининградская ул., 2Е

      +7 (40151) 762030

      Heating and the heating equipment
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    Companies in Latvia

    1. "RENOVA Latvia", Ltd.

      K.Valdemāra 11-14, Rīga, LV-1010

      +371 26542745

      Construction and repair works, Private house construction, Renovation, Finishing works, Building insulation, ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN We offer a wide range of services in the, field of designing objects and interior design for any order.. Private, and public interiors, furniture, lighting design. CONSTRUCTION We, provide complete object monitoring, which is provided
    2. AGB Serviss, SIA, boiler manufacturer

      Druva, "Kuldīgas šoseja 6", Saldus p., Saldus n., LV-3862

      +371 63839229

      Boiler Saldus, Solid fuel boilers, Deck boilers, Boiler houses, Household heating equipment, Heat supply and heat networks, Heating, Heating boilers, ovens, Wood, chips, straw, pellets, coal boilers,, boiler control, automatics, boiler house, boiler house production,, installation, maintenance, service, boiler
    3. "Autex", UAB

      9-ojo Forto gatvė 65-1, Kaunas

      +371 +370 60748574

      Engines, motors, engine repair, motor repair, maintenance advice,, engine maintenance, maintenance, engine maintenance, consultations,, Perkins power station, industrial marine engines, spare part of industrial, marine engines, industrial marine engine service, repair of industrial marine engines,, FG Wilson, Green Power, Stamegna marine power plants, Stamegna industrial power plants,, filters, starters, generators, diesel generators, diesel engines,, diesel engines, fuel pumps, irrigation equipment, water pumps, nozzles,, generator
    4. "Autex", Ltd.

      Ķekava, Rīgas 105, Ķekavas p., Ķekavas n., LV-2123

      +371 29133019

      Perkins, Diesel generators, Power stations, Generators, Diesel motors Perkins, Motors, Starters, Engine repair, Motor repair, Car spare parts, Fuel nozzle repair, testing of high pressure rotor and sectional type pumps,, calibration of high pressure rotor and sectional type pumps, repair, of high pressure rotor and sectional type pumps, fuel system spare parts., Engines, motors, engine repair, motor repair, maintenance advice,, engine maintenance, maintenance
    5. "Santeko", Ltd., plumbing and heating equipment wholesale

      K.Ulmaņa gatve 2, Rīga, LV-1004

      +371 67617656

      Plumbing wholesale, Heat devices heating equipment, Irrigation equipment, Pumps, Pipes, Plumbing trade, Water-pipe and sewerage, Pipes for water supply, heating, sewerage, drainage, pipe connections,, armature, valves, valves, regulators, thermostats, thermometers,, manometers, tools, equipment and supplies for pipe assembly, testing and repair,, water supply, heating, sewerage, industrial pumps, pumps and borehole equipment,, compressors, pressure boilers, expansion vessels, accumulation tanks,, heating boilers and equipment, radiators, water heaters, filters,, sewage treatment, collection equipment, HUNTER irrigation systems, and
    6. "Jana", Ltd., Heating systems, Air heat pumps

      Kalnciema 119, Rīga, LV-1046

      +371 67336595

      .. Qualitative, modern,, high technology, the latest generation of heating systems, Junkers,, BOSCH, devices, equipment, Water heaters, electric, boilers, boiler, Design radiators ABRONIA, design, interior, subjects, plumbing, plumbing,, services, exclusive, trade, trade, wholesale, consultations, SYSTEMA, infra red radiant equipment for heating, heat supply, for industry,, heat supply, heat networks, halls, rooms with high ceilings, in agriculture,, greenhouses, Tube, multi-layer pipes, Uponor. Water supply, construction,, repair works, Heated floors, solar energy, alternative, solar systems,, solar collectors, hot water tanks.,
    7. "Solidex", Ltd., Construction company

      Juglas 2e-20, Rīga, LV-1024

      +371 29168377

      Building construction, House construction, Construction and repair works, Construction works, Construction, construction, repair works, repair works, designing,, reconstruction, house renovation, assembly works, capital construction,, rebuilding, estimates, excavation works, foundation works, foundation stonework,, bricklaying, foundation concreting, plaster creation, plaster, facades,, roofer works, roof decking, roof decking, roof construction, carpentry works,, interior finish, exterior works, interior
    8. "Lakalme", Ltd.

      Baldones 12, Rīga, LV-1007

      +371 67892745

      .. and sewerage, Environmental protection, Domestic water-supply solutions, industrial water supply solutions,, industrial waste water sewerage systems, household wastewater sewerage systems,, industrial wastewater treatment systems, domestic waste water treatment systems,, construction site design, construction technologies, project feasibility study,, appraisal of environmental impact, alternative engineering solutions,, financial analysis, economic analysis, construction project development,, construction project coordination, procurement documentation development,, procurement documentation development, documentation drafting for EU funding granting,, technological equipment delivery, supply
    9. "LR buve", Ltd.

      "Dravnieki", Abavas p., Talsu n., LV-3294

      +371 27156404

      .. Roads and squares., Greening works. .. heating boilers, measuring equipment,, heat units, pressure vessels, heaters, insulation, test works. .. Internal water supply networks, equipment,, pipelines, armature, sprinkler systems, technical equipment, insulation,, test works. .. Low-voltage networks,, security alarm, security systems, fire alarm, video surveillance,, including the territory, computer networks, including data transmission,, phone networks, including the.. the facades of buildings., External heat networks. External water supply networks. External sewerage networks., Treatment plants.
    10. "Baltex Group", Ltd., Architect design office

      Dīķa 44, Rīga, LV-1004

      +371 20306607

      Architecture designing, Civil engineer services, Engineering network design, Landscape architecture, Engineering services, Designing, Būvprojektu izstrāde, Mērniecība ģeodēzija kartogrāfija topogrāfija, Mērniecība, Construction, Energy audit projects, thermography projects, design services, building insulation,, EU projects, financial attraction, project writing, solar collectors,, renewable energy sources, engineering network design, engineering, technical communication
    11. "Quant Latvia", Ltd. Electrical machine service center

      Krustpils 15, Rīga, LV-1073

      +371 67113588

      Electric engines electric motors their repair, Commercial engineering services, Repair of water pumps, Electric engine repair, Transformer repair, Water-pipe and sewerage, Electric engine repair, Substations, substation automation, repair, substation repair, substation service,, service, high-voltage products, automation for railway, electric engines,, electric pump centering works, power quality measurements, electric motors,, electricity network protection, electricity network
    12. "", plumbing shop - online shop

      Jūrkalnes 15-25, Rīga, LV-1046

      +371 26195665

      .. heating, water supply, sewerage, air purifiers, air humidifiers,, garden hoses, ventilation, household goods, shower facilities, shower heads,, heating systems wholesale, cost estimate calculation, shower handsets,, shower rods, shower accessories, mixers sinks, mixers baths, multi-layer pipes,, bimetal radiators, cast iron radiators, steel radiators, pipelines,, pipes, solid fuel boilers, cast-iron boilers, steel boilers, gas heating boilers,, balancing valves, cast iron latches, cast iron filters, cast iron butterfly valves,, cast iron fittings, cast iron valves, gas taps, rubber compensators,, copper pipes for soldering, manifolds for underfloor heating
    13. "I-Santex", Ltd.

      Dzirnavu 28, Saldus, Saldus n., LV-3801

      +371 29122190

      .. Sewage septic tanks and treatment plants,, device assembly, we construct drainage and filtration fields, remake, of the old drainage systems, we install rainwater conservancy tanks., Plumbing, plumber, plumber, plumbing works, Plumbing works, internal renovation,, water supply, heat supply systems, plumbing works, ventilation systems,, sewerage systems, riser replacement, heatmeter installation, change,, check, internal system renovation, heating units installation, assembly,, service, heating systems, internal renovation, radiator installation., Boreholes.,
    14. "Wilo Baltic", Ltd., pumps - pump systems

      Maskavas 227, Rīga, LV-1019

      +371 67145229

      Pumps, Sewage system pumps, Sewer system pumps, Pumps for water supply systems, Pump maintenance service, Pumps pumps valves valves, Heat pumps, Sewerage pumps, Water pumps. Pumps, pumps and pump equipment,, systems, pump, pump. Circulation pumps, water supply pumps, water supply pumps,, water pumps, water pumping pumps, borehole pumps, sewage system pumps,, sewerage pumps, sewer system pumps, drainage pumps, mixers, aerators,, Underground pumping stations, industrial pumps. Fire safety pumps., Water Cooling Pumps. Ventilation pumps, ventilation system pumps., Pumps for heating systems, dry rotary pumps, wet rotary pumps, high, efficiency pumps for heating
    15. "Avarijas dienests", Ltd.

      Dzirciema 89-6, Rīga, LV-1055

      +371 20454545

      .. Water-pipe and sewerage., 24-hour emergency service, 24-hour calls, sewerage cleaning, riser cleaning,, emergency electrician, sewerage, electric installation, Riga Emergency, Service 00-24 hours, emergency repair works, 24-hour emergency services,, accident liquidation, service, sewerage leaks. Plumbing repair, installation,, assembly, dismantling, heating boilers, heating systems, shower cubicle installation,, repair, bath installation, repair pots, bidet. Water meter installation
    16. "Tehniskie projekti", SIA

      Maskavas 322b-403, Rīga, LV-1063

      +371 29379184

      .. heating equipment, LEISTRITZ screw-type pumps,, FRENZELIT seals, heat insulation, sealing materials, sealing braids,, FRENZELIT compensators, sheet sealing materials, fabric compensators,, rubber compensators, metal compensators, metal flanges, thermal insulation,, twine, fabrics, tape, woodworking, metal processing, pump, pumps,, vacuum pumps for purification systems, vacuum pumps for water treatment plants,, production equipment pumps, EASY LASER laser equipment for aligning,, GUTERMANN production, water pipe
    17. "Filter", Ltd.

      Ulbrokas 23, Rīga, LV-1021

      +371 67556765

      Heat supply and heat networks, Cogeneration, Thermal energy, Water preparation, Boiler houses, Cogeneration plants GE Energy JENBACHER., Water quality monitoring equipment - HACH LANGE., For contract customers 24 hour service maintenance.,
    18. "Urbsanas centrs", SIA

      Babīte, Rožu 20, Babītes p., Babītes n., LV-2101

      +371 29289940

      .. Water supply installation water supply drills,, bore, borehole, borehole, borehole works, drive in borehole, piling,, monitoring, well, drill, deep pump, deep pump repair works. Heating pumps,, heat pump, heat pump assembly, heat pump installation, consultations,, designing, projects. .. Water wells installation. .. Lowering the water level on the construction site., Boreholes in Babite, In Piņķi, In Spilve, In Jaunmārupe, In Marupe,, In Riga, In Jurmala, Saulkrasti, Ogre, Ikšķile, Kekava, Daugmale,, Baldone, In Plakanciems, In Jelgava, In Ozolnieki.,
    19. "RADESS Ltd.", Ltd.

      Granīta 3 k.2, Rīga, LV-1057

      +371 67587353

      Sewerage cleaning, Sewer service, Sewer emergency service, Sanitation, Waste collection services, Hydrodynamic equipment services, internal and external sewerage network,, drainage, infiltration field, rainwater pipeline high-pressure RINSING,, (Cleaning). .. Trenchless, pipeline fixing, repair, damage prevention, (liquidation without, dismantling and digging). Water pipe, heating piping determination,, water leakage detection. Provision of services - in whole Latvia., Pipeline stopper and trench wall mounts RENT. .. Water pipe, drainage, pipe thawing., Pump station cleaning.
    20. "Sencu nami", Ltd.

      Mednieku 21/23, Ogre, Ogres n., LV-5001

      +371 65035770

      .. We buy and sell,, (production facilities, houses, land, apartments, summer houses,, garages) for rent, we perform intermediation services with real estate,, consult, formalize the transaction documents, register in the Land Registry., Real estate abroad, In Turkey. .. Neighborhood, site improvement, maintenance., Interior, external communications maintenance, engineering technical equipment,, tractor equipment services, heating, ventilation systems, sewerage,, water supply, electrician, plumber, waste removal, emergency service,, fire-extinguishing systems.,
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