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      236000, Калининград, Большая Песочная ул., 23/25

      +7 921 7101977

      Filters for water
    2. АКВАСКАТ, группа компаний

      236008, Калининград, Александра Невского ул., 120/122, (ор-р Краснокаменная ул., 42)

      +7 (4012) 336338

      Wastewater treatment plant and equipment

      236005, Калининград, Киевский пер., 1

      +7 (4012) 773947

      Wastewater treatment plant and equipment
    4. АКВА ЛИТ

      236034, Калининград, Дзержинского ул., 242

      +7 (4012) 335345

      Heating and the heating equipment
    5. АКВА-ТЭК Группа компаний

      236004, Калининград, Полтавская ул., 3

      +7 (4012) 685333

      Heating and the heating equipment

      236010, Калининград, Бассейная ул., 53

      +7 (4012) 375757

      Wastewater treatment plant and equipment
    7. БАЛТИК СТРОЙ ГК, строительство очистных сооружений

      236006, Калининград, Литовский Вал ул., 62

      +7 (4012) 588977

      Wastewater treatment plant and equipment
    8. ВОДА39.РФ

      236039, Калининград, Ленинский проспект, 131, БЦ "Панорама", оф. 408

      +7 (4012) 669171

      Filters for water
    9. ВОДНЫЕ ТЕХНОЛОГИИ, сервисно-инженерная компания

      236000, Калининград, Нарвская ул., 54

      +7 (4012) 571786

      Filters for water

      236000, Калининград

      +7 (4012) 375771

      Filters for water

      236039, Калининград, Индустриальная ул., 4

      +7 (4012) 597553

      The sanitary technician

      236000, Калининград, Шатурская ул., 4А, оф. 227

      +7 (4012) 697245

      Heating and the heating equipment
    13. ДАЛЕС

      238150, Черняховск, Гусевское шоссе, 3А

      +7 (40141) 32539

      Wastewater treatment plant and equipment
    14. КАЛИНИНГРАДТЕПЛОСЕТЬ, сервисно-ремонтная служба

      236029, Калининград, Октябрьская ул., 41А

      +7 (4012) 516672

      Emergency Services
    15. КГД-СЕПТИК

      236001, Калининград, Ялтинская ул., 24

      +7 911 0725424

      Cotruction of residential and commercial buildings
    16. КОМФОРТ ХАУС, строительство, очистное оборудование

      236009, Калининград, Туруханская ул., 3А, эт. 2, оф. 11

      +7 (4012) 523082

      Cotruction of residential and commercial buildings
    17. КОНТУРТЕРМ, центр отопления и водоснабжения

      236023, Калининград, Советский проспект, 188Б

      +7 (4012) 555559

      Counters for gas, waters
    18. ПЛАСТ-ПАЙП, торговая компания

      236009, Калининград, Туруханская ул., 1

      +7 (4012) 779377

      Wastewater treatment plant and equipment
    19. ПРОФЕССИОНАЛ, проектная организация

      236000, Калининград, Московский проспект, 275, оф. 2

      +7 (4012) 377413

      Ventilation and air-conditioning
    20. ТЕХНОСТАНДАРТ ВК, строительно-монтажная компания

      236006, Калининград, Московский проспект, 173

      +7 (4012) 398098

      Wastewater treatment plant and equipment
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    Companies in Latvia

    1. "Lakalme", Ltd.

      Baldones 12, Rīga, LV-1007

      +371 67892745

      .. and sewerage, Environmental protection, Domestic water-supply solutions, industrial water supply solutions,, industrial waste water sewerage systems, household wastewater sewerage systems,, industrial wastewater treatment systems, domestic waste water treatment systems,, construction site design, construction technologies, project feasibility study,, appraisal of environmental impact, alternative engineering solutions,, financial analysis, economic analysis, construction project development,, construction project coordination, procurement documentation development,, procurement documentation development, documentation drafting for EU funding granting,, technological equipment..
    2. "S plus", Ltd., Gas supply

      Jāņu 10, Ikšķile, Ikšķiles n., LV-5052

      +371 20023905

      .. and sewerage, Wastewater recuperation, Gas supply installation, gas supply, gas pipelines installation,, service, maintenance, assembly, gas network construction, gas networks,, heating systems, gas heating installation, gas heat, Ogre, Ikšķile,, Salaspils, Ķegums, Lielvārde, Water supply, sewerage, water pipe installation,, construction of water-pipes, water pipe installation, water supply system design,, sewerage system design, system design, sewerage assembly, sewerage design,, water supply mounting
    3. "Grundfos Pumps Baltic", Ltd.

      G.Astras 8b, Rīga, LV-1082

      +371 67149640

      .. For private houses,, with communication equipment, average, large, heating, sewerage,, water supply, treatment plant equipment, electronic, water supply,, sewerage, for water supply, borehole, house, for private house, for industrial buildings,, buildings, pump station, water-supply systems, control electronics,, post-warranty service, the best water pumps, water pump, pump, pump,, valves, valves, calorifics, heating equipment, heating equipment,, heat supply, heat networks, AVK, ventilation, conditioning for rooms,, conditioning for house, conditioning for private houses, ventilation systems,, ventilation equipment for premises, conditioning equipment
    4. "BioVide", Individual merchant

      Priežu 10-18, Limbaži, Limbažu n., LV-4001

      +371 26961957

      .. and their construction,, excavation works, excavation works, construction of a biological, treatment plant for a private house, the creation of biological sewage,, sewerage septic tank production, construction of sewage septic tank,, sewerage septic tanks, purification equipment, biological treatment plants,, treatment plant construction, water supply, plumbing works, excavator services,, mini-excavator services, well curbs, bioseptic, domestic water-supply solutions,, industrial water supply solutions, sewerage systems, sewerage solutions, for private homes, wastewater treatment.,
    5. "AHM Victory", Ltd., Waste water treatment plants

      Dreiliņi, "Villijas", Stopiņu n., LV-2130

      +371 27540275

      .. Wastewater treatment equipment and technologies, wastewater biological treatment plants,, industrial sewage purification, mechanical wastewater treatment,, chemical treatment of waste water, flotation devices, oil product separators,, oil separators, degreasers, sludge dewatering, computer modeling, of wastewater treatment plants, process simulation and optimization of treatment plants,, wastewater flow meters, liquidation of smell, air blowers, wastewater, treatment plant equipment assembly, consultations.
    6. "Eko osta", SIA

      Tvaika 39, Rīga, LV-1034

      +371 67393860

      .. plant,, biological wastewater treatment plants, septics, liquidation of accident, sequences, accident consequences liquidation, soil treatment, land, clearing, reservoir cleaning, cistern cleaning, territory cleaning,, area clean-up, territory purification, waste edible oil, used cooking, oil, used food oils, edible oil transfer, disposal of edible oils,, waste oil, waste oils, disposable oils collection, disposable oils, recycling, sewerage well cleaning, perched tank cleaning, sewage sludge, tank
    7. "Gastex", SIA

      Mēmeles 4a, Bauska, Bauskas n., LV-3901

      +371 63920002

      .. equipment installation and maintenance. Sewerage. Each owner, of the building must decide, where and how to discharge wastewater., In populated areas usually are external centralized sewerage networks,, to which is connected the internal drain system. Places, where there, is no centralized sewage networks, uses the local drainage system,, which includes pipes, cesspools, septic tanks or infiltration fields, with cesspools, biological treatment plants. Local drainage systems, need periodic service. Ventilation
    8. "Komunikācijas RVH", SIA

      Brīvības gatve 281-30, Rīga, LV-1006

      +371 29251903

      .. systems. Sewage and drainage systems. Air-conditioning, and irrigation system installation. Main water supply system installation., Water tracking node assembly. Water purification, iron removal equipment, installation. Fire pipe, hydrant system design, installation.. ] Gas heating boiler installation. Heat supply heating main installation., Household wastewater system installation. Waste water collection, purification., Biological treatment plant assembly.,
    9. "RENOVA Latvia", Ltd.

      K.Valdemāra 11-14, Rīga, LV-1010

      +371 26542745

      Construction and repair works, Private house construction, Renovation, Finishing works, Building insulation, ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN We offer a wide range of services in the, field of designing objects and interior design for any order.. Private, and public interiors, furniture, lighting design. CONSTRUCTION We, provide complete object monitoring, which is provided
    10. AGB Serviss, SIA, boiler manufacturer

      Druva, "Kuldīgas šoseja 6", Saldus p., Saldus n., LV-3862

      +371 63839229

      Boiler Saldus, Solid fuel boilers, Deck boilers, Boiler houses, Household heating equipment, Heat supply and heat networks, Heating, Heating boilers, ovens, Wood, chips, straw, pellets, coal boilers,, boiler control, automatics, boiler house, boiler house production,, installation, maintenance, service, boiler rinsing, sawmill, driers,, heat connection, hydro-connection, heating mains, solid fuel boilers,, heat exchanger furnaces, smoke pumps, combustion chamber, flue gas purifiers,[CPTAGBR
    11. "Autex", UAB

      9-ojo Forto gatvė 65-1, Kaunas

      +371 +370 60748574

      .. equipment, water pumps, nozzles,, generator devices, welding units, light towers, armature, pipe, valves,, connections, axle-box, bearing, casing for coils, brushes, diode truss,, regulator, stator, collector, spring, ignition key, anchor, cogwheel,, cogwheel, cogwheel mechanism, lever, screw, screws, coil, switch,, clamp, washer, ring, snap ring, mixer, magnetic sensor, socket, body,, crankcase ventilation, cable, exhaust manifold, cooling liquids,, sensor, gasket, spark plug, turbocharger, cylinder head, earthing cable,[CPTAGBR
    12. "Autex", Ltd.

      Ķekava, Rīgas 105, Ķekavas p., Ķekavas n., LV-2123

      +371 29133019

      Perkins, Diesel generators, Power stations, Generators, Diesel motors Perkins, Motors, Starters, Engine repair, Motor repair, Car spare parts, Fuel nozzle repair, testing of high pressure rotor and sectional type pumps,, calibration of high pressure rotor and sectional type pumps, repair, of high pressure rotor and sectional type pumps, fuel system spare parts., Engines, motors, engine repair, motor repair, maintenance advice,, engine maintenance, maintenance
    13. "Poliurs", Ltd.

      Ozolnieki, Saules 8, Ozolnieku p., Ozolnieku n., LV-3018

      +371 63050600

      Plastic pipes, Insulated pipes, Plastic products, Water pipes, Pipes, Heat supply and heat networks, Industrially insulated pipes, pipelines, production, trade. Pipes isolated,, pipes plastic. Polyurethane heat insulation. Cold water pipes. Heating network design,, assembly, consultations. Plastic pipeline systems. Pipes, water pipe
    14. "DKD", SIA, Buderus apkures katli, siltumsuknu uzstadisana

      Cēsu 31 k.3, Rīga, LV-1012

      +371 29528233

      .. . Heating radiators,, boilers, heating furnaces, cinkoti apkures radiatori, heat pump,, boreholes, heating boiler repair, service, service, ģeotermālie,, bore-holes, installation, trade, maintenance, dziļrbuma izveide siltumsūknim,, borehole, borehole for heat pump, thermal probes, solar collector,, collectors, solar batteries, buderus dealer, ventilation, conditioning,, ģeotermālie urbumi siltumsūkņiem, installation of heat pumps,, gas equipment, heat supply, heat networks, ventilation systems. Gas heating
    15. "Santeko", Ltd., plumbing and heating equipment wholesale

      K.Ulmaņa gatve 2, Rīga, LV-1004

      +371 67617656

      Plumbing wholesale, Heat devices heating equipment, Irrigation equipment, Pumps, Pipes, Plumbing trade, Water-pipe and sewerage, Pipes for water supply, heating, sewerage, drainage, pipe connections,, armature, valves, valves, regulators, thermostats, thermometers,, manometers, tools, equipment and supplies for pipe assembly, testing and repair,, water supply, heating, sewerage, industrial pumps, pumps and borehole equipment,, compressors, pressure boilers, expansion vessels, accumulation tanks,, heating boilers and equipment, radiators, water heaters, filters,, sewage treatment, collection equipment..
    16. "Karme filtrs", udens tehnologiju centrs

      Pilsoņu 1 k.5, Rīga, LV-1002

      +371 67618120

      Water filters, water analysis, water treatment, water treatment., Engineering solutions, consultations, production, service, water analysis., Automatic water treatment equipment: deironing and softening water filters,, reverse osmosis equipment, (RO) ultrafiltration, (UF) and repeated use of water., Electrode ionizer, (EDI). Degassing columns.. gas membranes. Nanofiltration equipment., Chemicals for Nalco boiler and cooling water treatment. Water filter sale
    17. "DDRE Pluss", Ltd.

      Brīvības 10b-10, Dobele, Dobeles n., LV-3701

      +371 25915430

      Water-pipe and sewerage, Sewerage cleaning, Biological treatment plants, Drainage, Tractor rental, Excavator rental, Drainage, drainage systems, sanitation, waste collection services,, purification equipment, groundwater, decreasing of ground waters,, waste-water, land reclamation, drainage system construction, gullies,, biological systems, external, internal drainage, municipal wastewater treatment,, cesspool, cesspools, well curbs, reservoirs, tanks, barrels, cisterns
    18. "Jana", Ltd., Heating systems, Air heat pumps

      Kalnciema 119, Rīga, LV-1046

      +371 67336595

      Heating systems, Heating, Heating boilers, Heating pumps, Heat devices heating equipment, Air-to-water heat pumps, installation of heat pumps, BAXI, BAXI SpA,, BDR-ThermeaGroup, System, UNICAL, SIME(IDEA) ARBONIA, COSMOGAS, atmospheric, burner boilers, solid fuel, condensation, pellet heating boilers,, gas heat, installation, repair, construction, service, technical maintenance,, maintenance, designing, projects, development, coordination, act,, gas-pipe, net, certified masters, Gas heating installation
    19. "Solidex", Ltd., Construction company

      Juglas 2e-20, Rīga, LV-1024

      +371 29168377

      Building construction, House construction, Construction and repair works, Construction works, Construction, construction, repair works, repair works, designing,, reconstruction, house renovation, assembly works, capital construction,, rebuilding, estimates, excavation works, foundation works, foundation stonework,, bricklaying, foundation concreting, plaster creation, plaster, facades,, roofer works, roof decking, roof decking, roof construction, carpentry works,, interior finish, exterior works, interior
    20. "Akvai Rores Ciet? Tehniskais kanalizacijas dienests", Ltd., 24-hour emergency service

      Sewerage accident, Sewerage cleaning, Sewer emergency service, Sanitation, 24-hour emergency, Water-pipe and sewerage, 24-hour technical sewerage service. .. Sewage disposal., High-pressure washing, internal and external network irrigation,, sewerage pipe flushing, sewerage well flushing, drainage rinsing,, infiltration field irrigation. .. TV inspection, CCTV video inspection,, sewer system inspection, diagnostics, sewage pipe inside diagnostics, fault detection,, sewerage pipeline track and damaged area finding with a probe.
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