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    1. 12 МЕСЯЦЕВ, пансионат для пожилых людей

      238310, пос. Малое Исаково (Гурьевский р-н), Грибоедова ул., 8А

      +7 (4012) 697120

      Pensioner's houses
    2. ЭДЕМ, частный пансионат для пожилых людей

      238530, Зеленоградск, Ленина ул., 12/2Б

      +7 (4012) 921052

      Pensioner's houses
    3. ВОЛНА, отель

      238560, Светлогорск, Калининградский проспект, 68Б

      +7 (40153) 21591

      Baths, saunas
    4. ГИЛЬГЕ, рыбацкая усадьба

      238634, пос. Матросово (Полесский р-н), Левобережная ул., 20

      +7 (4012) 377070

      Active rest and entertainments
    5. ЛЕБЕДИНОЕ, дом отдыха

      238440, Ладушкин, (ор-р пос. Береговое)

      +7 911 8542130

      Hotels, hostels
    6. ЯНТАРЬ, санаторий - филиал АО "РЖД - ЗДОРОВЬЕ"

      238563, Светлогорск, Ленина ул., 50

      +7 (4012) 525272

      Resorts, pensions and holiday homes
    7. PANORAMA MORSKA, центр восстановления здоровья и красоты

      76-107, Jaroslawiec (Poland), Uzdrowiskowa ul., 15

      +48 94 3482770

      Rehabilitation centers
    8. БАЛТИЙСКИЕ ПЕСКИ, база отдыха

      238534, пос. Лесной (Зеленоградский р-н), Набережная ул., 4А

      +7 (4012) 571462

      Resorts, pensions and holiday homes
    9. БАЛТИКА, пансионат

      238560, Светлогорск, Верещагина ул., 8

      +7 (40153) 21459

      Resorts, pensions and holiday homes
    10. БЕЛОЕ СОЛНЦЕ, пансионат

      238560, Светлогорск, Приморская ул., 6

      +7 (40153) 21099

      Resorts, pensions and holiday homes

      238563, Светлогорск, Пионерская ул., 1

      +7 (40153) 22099

      Resorts, pensions and holiday homes

      238563, Светлогорск, Пионерская ул., 1

      +7 (40153) 22061

      Resorts, pensions and holiday homes
    13. ЗЕЛЕНОГРАДСК, санаторий

      238530, Зеленоградск, Пугачёва ул., 11

      +7 (40150) 32952

      Resorts, pensions and holiday homes
    14. КРАСНАЯ МЕЛЬНИЦА, гостевая усадьба

      238644, пос. Красное (Полесский р-н), Куршская ул., 18

      +7 (40158) 23389

      Hotels, hostels
    15. МЕЧТА, гостиница, социально-оздоровительный центр

      238561, Светлогорск, пос. Отрадное, Фрунзе ул., 6

      +7 (40153) 21123

      Rehabilitation centers
    16. НЕРИНГА, санаторий-профилакторий

      238530, Зеленоградск, Ленина ул., 27

      +7 (40150) 32191

      Resorts, pensions and holiday homes
    17. ОТРАДНОЕ, база отдыха

      238162, Светлогорск, пос. Отрадное, Нахимова ул., 29

      +7 (4012) 673715

      Resorts, pensions and holiday homes
    18. ОТРАДНОЕ, детский пульмонологический санаторий

      238162, пос. Отрадное (Светлогорский г.о.), Калининградский проспект, 74

      +7 (40153) 21125

      Resorts, pensions and holiday homes
    19. ОТРАДНОЕ, санаторий

      238560, Светлогорск, Калининградский проспект, 99А

      +7 (40153) 21204

      Resorts, pensions and holiday homes
    20. ПИОНЕРСК, детский ортопедический санаторий

      238590, Пионерский, Комсомольская ул., 44А

      +7 (4012) 697900

      Resorts, pensions and holiday homes
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    Companies in Latvia

    1. "", medical products, medical equipment online shop

      Ilūkstes 45, Rīga, LV-1073

      +371 67147467

      Medical supplies, Medical equipment, Surgical instruments, Medical goods trade, Medical equipment tools supplies and accessories, Online shops, Sheet, sheet, disposable, children's bed sheet, moisture absorbing sheet,, hand cream, moisturizing hand cream, wet wipes, hygienic napkins,, Hemo care, hemocare, screening, hidden blood admixture in faeces,, guayacan tests, streptococcus a, CRP, C reactive protein determination,, Urine strips, urine test strips, urine test strips, urine strips,, microalbumin
    2. "Consilium Medicum", Ltd.

      Rūpniecības 7-1, Rīga, LV-1010

      +371 67505047

      Medical aid: out patient, Medical aid in patient, Medical consultations, Health centers, Medical center, E-diagnosis, E-consultations, Beauty care, ENT, ENT in Riga, Ear doctor, Medical practice, Medical aid rehabilitation, Tests, diagnostics, medical consultations, specialist consultations,, proctology, proctologist, proctologist advice, urology, urologist,, surgery, dermatology, dermatologist, gynaecology, gynaecologist,, rheumatology, rheumatologist
    3. State Ltd. "Rīgas psihiatrijas un narkoloģijas centrs", Psychiatric Assistance Service

      Tvaika 2, Rīga, LV-1005

      +371 67080142

      Psychiatrist, Medical aid: out patient, Medical aid in patient, Psychiatric help, services of psychiatrist, addiction specialist services,, psychologist services, psychiatrist consultations, addiction specialist consultations,, psychologist consultations, psycho-neurological hospital, psychiatric hospital,, inpatient medical aid, outpatient medical aid, day psychiatric, hospital,, day hospital, psychiatrist's opinion, addiction specialist opinion,, psychiatrist statement, addiction specialist certificate, medical certificate,, opinion for firearms acquisition permits, opinion for weapons purchase permits,, opinion for carrying permits, opinion for use permits, statement for drivers,, statement
    4. State Ltd."Rīgas psihiatrijas un narkoloģijas centrs", Long-term social care center "Vecpiebalga"

      Greiveri, Vecpiebalgas p., Vecpiebalgas n., LV-4122

      +371 64161370

      Social care and social rehabilitation.
    5. State Ltd., "Rīgas psihiatrijas un narkoloģijas centrs", Ambulatory care center "Pārdaugava", with day-time hospital and hospital

      Ļermontova 1, Rīga, LV-1002

      +371 67715108

      .. treatment, Medical aid: out patient, Paid drug addiction specialist, drug addiction specialist, addiction, help in case of mild alcohol poisoning, hangover. Paid medical assistance nicotine,, (smoking) dependence. Men's and women's alcohol psychosis treatment., Hypnotherapy program. Hangover, (hangover) bout interruption. Hangover,, (abstinence). Coding against alcohol. Ampoule stitching, (against alcoholism)., Ampoule implantation. Solafur input - "torpedo". Smoking, alcohol treatment., Antialcoholic treatment
    6. State Ltd. "Rīgas psihiatrijas un narkoloģijas centrs", Ambulatory care center "Veldre", with day hospital and hospital

      Veldres 1a, Rīga, LV-1064

      +371 67819748

      .. rehabilitation, Outpatient. Psychiatrist. Services of psychiatrist, consultations., Psychologist. Psychologist services. Physiotherapist services. Day hospital., Group lessons. Psychiatric rehabilitation. Occupational therapy., Psychiatric help. Art and music therapy.
    7. Andra Zemīša osteopath practice

      A.Čaka 103, Rīga, LV-1011

      +371 29266066

      .. . Enuresis. ENT chronic and acute sinus infection., Nasal congestion. Chronic rhinitis. Frequent.. , mobilizations. Pregnant women support structure adjustment, before and after childbirth. Postpartum depression.. in Latvia. Osteopathy - a complementary, medical specialty, (officially recognized by the European Parliament, Act, USA), which is directed to the body's organs and tissue structure, micro - and macro - changes in motility dysfunction diagnosis and, prevention.,
    8. "Vidzemes vēnu centrs", Ltd, Vein diagnostics, treatment in Riga

      Brīvības 68, Rīga, LV-1011

      +371 67186950

      .. ] in sonography control, Mini-phlebectomy by Varady. Classic vein surgeries., Surgeon's consultations, (abdominal wall hernias, gallstones, skin, and subcutaneous growths etc.. Lymphatic drainage for feet, edema treatment,, compression stockings, vein stockings. Medical equipment tools supplies and accessories,, Leg vein advisory centre, veins, phlebologist, vein treatment, doctor,, doctor - phlebologist advice and duplex sonoscopy. Experienced doctors, - phlebologists will provide a
    9. "Lasa Med", Ltd., Narcological clinic, Aleksandrs Jekimovs

      Maskavas 58, Rīga, LV-1003

      +371 29586640

      .. Narcology Medical Center, medical aid,, medicine, 24-hour narcotic addiction hospital, clinic, hospital,, department, help after drinking, stationary, psychiatrist, psychiatry,, addiction specialist services, coding, removal, consultations, drug and alcohol abuse,, dependence on drugs, narcological aid, antialcoholic treatment, Depot preparation,, service, narcologist, narkol, narcologist, no alcohol, drug addiction,, drug addiction, treatment of drug addiction, hangover interruption,, certified drug addiction specialist - psychiatrist
    10. Upesleju boarding school - rehabilitation centre

      Upeslejas, "Internātpamatskola", Stopiņu n., LV-2118

      +371 67956320

      Boarding-school, Boarding school, Rehabilitation, Special basic education program for educated with somatic diseases., Special basic education program with learning process acquiring difficulties., Rehabilitation in after tuberculosis period and in case of lung disease., Special basic education program for students with physical disabilities., Special pre-school educational program for students with mixed disabilities, (day and night). Special basic education program pedagogical
    11. "Tehnovers", Ltd.

      Strazdumuižas 80, Rīga, LV-1024

      +371 67532509

      Lifts, Disabled people elevators, Lifts for disabled persons, Disabled person auxiliary devices, Elevator construction and maintenance, Disabled electric scooter, Disabled people wheelchairs, Disabled person beds, Photometry, Medical equipment tools supplies and accessories, Disabled person lift, (lift, lifts) all types of lifts, (lift, elevators), also disabled people, (for disabled people) and lift for house: production,, delivery, assembly, modernization, disabled mobility equipment, production,, import, installation, technical maintenance, (service).
    12. MFD Health group

      Rušonu 15, Rīga, LV-1057

      +371 67131313

      .. , neurologists. Ophthalmologist, ophtalmologists,, eye doctor, eye doctors. Otolaryngologist, ENT, otolaryngologists,, adult and children's ear, nose and throat doctor, ORL, Gastroenterologist,, gastroenterologists. Endocrinologist, endocrinologists. Cardiologist,, cardiologists, cardiocenter, Infectiologist.. 's physiotherapist. Massage,, masseur, masseuse. Manual therapy, therapy. Acupuncture, acupuncture, and manual therapist. Infusion cabinet, infusion, systems. Vaccination,, (against influenza, tick-borne
    13. Ltd., Riga 2nd Hospital, 24-hour casualty ward

      Ģimnastikas 1, Rīga, LV-1004

      +371 67614033

      Day and night trauma point, Rehabilitation, Hospital, Hospitals, Orthopedics, Traumatologist, Orthopedist, Highly qualified doctor consultations. Endoprosthetics, arthroscopy., Traumatologists-orthopedists consultations and services. Joint disease diagnostics., Joint and bone fracture treatment. Arthroscopy. Knee and hip arthroplasty., EHO - cardiography, laboratory, daily x-ray, diagnostics
    14. LVIKC, Latvijas Imunkorekcijas Centrs

      Bruņinieku 49-2, Rīga, LV-1011

      +371 27574900

      .. tests, anemia, lymphocytes, full blood scene,, flu, vaccination, runny nose, virus. Mammologist consultation with, breast ultrasonography with Philips Affiniti 70G latest generation, ultrasound only for † 60.00, or gynecologist consultation, cytological, examination and ultrasonography for only † 50.00. After the analysis, of allergies or parasites, consultation with any LVIKC specialist, with a 20% discount. After anticancer diagnostic tests on oncomarkers,, consultation with any LVIKC specialist with a 20% discount
    15. "Tehniska Ortopedija", Ltd., Shop

      Tallinas 1, Rīga, LV-1001

      +371 67304857

      Orthopedic products, Podometrics, Corsets, Technical aids, Technical aids, corset, corsets, medical, belt, belts, orthosis,, orthoses, back, back, knee-joint, joints, ankle, hand, palms, foot,, feet, cervical collar, cervical collar, crutches, sticks, orthopedic insole,, shoe inserts, compression stockings, traumatologist - orthopedist,, trauma doctor - orthopedic, technical orthopedics, technical orthoped consultanc,, consultations, wheelchair, wheelchairs, wheelchairs, wheelchairs,, stools, walkers, hand, leg prosthesis, leg prosthesis, orthopedic pillow,, orthopedic pillows, splint, splints, synthetic, gypsum link, bonds., Foot diagnostics, podometrics, orthopedic shoes, crutch rental
    16. "Detox", Medical center

      Maskavas, Rīga, LV-1050

      +371 67204020

      Narcologist, Narcological help, Alcohol addiction, Narcologist, addiction specialist advice, addiction specialist consultations,, detoxification, 24-hour addiction help, 24-hour hospital, help for people with addiction,, palīdzība atkarīgajiem, drug addiction, drug addiction, drug addiction,, alcohol addiction, alcohol addiction, alcohol dependence, alcohol,, heroin, amphetamine, drug addiction, drug addict, alcohol addiction,, drug and alcohol abuse, rehabilitation, emergency assistance for drug addicts,[CPTAGBR
    17. "Vasarinas SK", Individual merchant

      Valmieras 9, Cēsis, Cēsu n., LV-4101

      +371 29843722

      Leech therapy, Hirudotherapy, Lymphatic drainage, Therapeutic massage, Vidzeme Medical Center. SANITA KĀRKLIŅA, IK "VASARIŅAS, Certified, Medical Hirudotherapy Specialist, medicine, -Medical treatment with medication., leech therapy, Medical leeches, Hirudotherapy, cosmetology, lymphatic drainage., Thai foot massage. Massage, massage Valmiera, masseur, masseurs,, masseuse, beauty care. Therapeutic massage. Hot stone massage. Acupuncture., needle therapy in Valmiera, acupuncture. Chronic pain, hirudotherapy., Therapy. BOWTECH therapy. BOWEN, CHECK-UP ORGANISMA FUNKCIONĀLĀ TESTĒŠANA., Aromatherapy. Amway. Beauty treatment in Cesis, manicure, manicure in Cēsis,, Gel nails, gel
    18. "Latvijas Samariesu apvieniba"

      Visbijas prospekts 18, Rīga, LV-1014

      +371 8898

      Social assistance, Care at home, Social care, Transport for disabled people, crisis situation, specialized disabled people transport., Care center, nursing home, first aid training, 24-hour home emergency, call and care service, care at home, medical care at home. Safety button,, accept donations, donation packages for rescuers, crisis centre,, medical commission, first aid certificate
    19. "Jaunķemeri", resort rehabilitation center

      Kolkas 20, Jūrmala, LV-2012

      +371 67733522

      .. and rehabilitation medicine specialist, dermatologist, children neurologist,, gynaecologist, urologist, cardiologist, endocrinologist, ophthalmologist,, ENTs, otorhinolaryngologist, occupational physician, reittherapy,, physiotherapist, ergotherapist, occupational therapy, laboratory services,, blood tests, urinalysis, ECG, echocardiography, veloergometry, x-ray examinations,, abdominal ultrasonography, abdominal ultrasonography for children,, small pelvic organs, gynecologic ultrasonography, urological ultrasonography,, thyroid gland ultrasonography, joint ultrasonoscopy, dopplerography, of the cerebrovascular and
    20. Rehabilitation Centre "Līgatne", resort hotel "Līgatne", tourist attraction "Secret Soviet Bunker"

      Skaļupes, Līgatnes p., Līgatnes n., LV-4108

      +371 64161915

      .. . Basketball., Picnic places. Sledge rental. Vidzeme. Latvia. Cesis. Valmiera, Limbazi,, Madona, Valka, Smiltene, Gulbene, Balvi, Līgatne, Latvia, Baltics,, Riga region, Sigulda. Tourism, hotel, bath-house, massage. Occupational diseases., Physical and rehabilitation medicine specialist.
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