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    1. БАЛТИЙСКИЙ БЕРЕГ, туроператор

      236006, Калининград, Ленинский проспект, 18, оф. 301А

      +7 (4012) 697566

      Medical treatment abroad
    2. АВИА ЭКСПРЕСС, туристическое агентство

      236006, Калининград, Ленинский проспект, 20/26

      +7 (4012) 999109

      Firms tourist
    3. АКВАМАРИН, магазин путешествий

      236011, Калининград, Олега Кошевого ул., 11, оф. 15 (ор-р - УФМС Московского района)

      +7 (4012) 376119

      Firms tourist
    4. АТЛАС ТУР, туристическое агентство

      236039, Калининград, Ленинский проспект, 84/86

      +7 (4012) 630060

      Cars: rent

      236000, Калининград, Черняховского ул., 6, оф. 5

      +7 (4012) 525024

      Firms tourist
    6. БАЛТИЙСКИЙ ТРАНЗИТ, туристическая фирма

      236000, Калининград, Черняховского ул., 6, оф. 304

      +7 (4012) 531508

      Firms tourist
    7. ДРУГИЕ МЕСТА, туристическое агентство

      236000, Калининград, 1812 года ул., 126

      +7 (4012) 611000

      Firms tourist
    8. ДЭДДИ, туристическая фирма

      236000, Калининград, Мира проспект, 48

      +7 (4012) 937000

      Firms tourist
    9. ИНТЕРЛАЙН, туристическая компания

      236039, Калининград, Ленинский проспект, 131, оф. 708

      +7 (4012) 753199

      Hunting and fishery
    10. ИНТУР, многопрофильный туроператор

      236022, Калининград, Советский проспект, 36Б

      +7 (4012) 999600

      Firms tourist
    11. ИТАКА, туроператор

      236000, Калининград, Мира проспект, 46

      +7 (4012) 611100

      Firms tourist
    12. КОМИЛЬФО, туристическая фирма

      236029, Калининград, Профессора Баранова ул., 34, оф. 430

      +7 (4012) 378368

      Firms tourist
    13. КОНТИНЕНТ, туристическое агентство

      236000, Калининград, Озёрная ул., 15/17

      +7 (4012) 771011

      Firms tourist
    14. КОРОЛЕВСКИЙ ЗАМОК, информационно-туристический центр

      236040, Калининград, Ленинский проспект, 81

      +7 (4012) 350782

      Firms tourist
    15. ОДИССЕЯ, туристическая компания

      236016, Калининград, Маршала Василевского площадь, 2, эт. 5, оф. 23

      +7 (4012) 708400

      Firms tourist
    16. ОТЭКС-ТУР, туристическое агентство

      236000, Калининград, Горького ул., 55, оф. 62

      +7 (4012) 982701

      Firms tourist
    17. ПЛЯЖ ПЛЮС, туристическое агентство

      238340, Светлый, Гагарина ул., 2А

      +7 963 3507759

      Firms tourist
    18. ПУТЕВОДИТЕЛЬ, туристическое агентство

      236000, Калининград, Серафимовича ул., 2, оф. 1

      +7 (4012) 901991

      Firms tourist

      236000, Калининград, Мира проспект, 4

      +7 (4012) 555200

      Directory services
    20. СВ-ВОЯЖ, туроператор

      236022, Калининград, Мира проспект, 13

      +7 (4012) 534222

      Firms tourist
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    Companies in Latvia

    1. "Rožmalas", Hotel, restaurant, recreation center in Bauska

      Ceraukste, Nameju 2, Ceraukstes p., Bauskas n., LV-3908

      +371 26564580

      Restaurant. Hotel Rozmalas. Recreation in countryside. Accommodation,, guest house in Zemgale. Hostel, hotel in Zemgale. Hotel in Zemgale., Accommodation in Bauska, Lithuania. Family rooms, double room, (l bed, with a garden view) single rooms, double room, (l bed) with bubble bath,, Accommodation Rozmalas is located in Ceraukste and offers a SPA center, with sauna and jacuzzi. The hotel has a restaurant, where guests can, enjoy their meals. Restaurant for guests, for banquets, for weddings., Premises for social events, for weddings, for banquets, balls. Ribbes, mill. Children playground. Organization of sports games. Team building, events. Sports games. Volleyball, basketball court. Comfortable rooms[CPTAGBR
    2. "Jaunpils pils", Ltd.

      Jaunpils, "Jaunpils pils", Jaunpils p., Jaunpils n., LV-3145

      +371 63107082

      Hotel, castle hotel, castle tavern, organization of weddings, wedding, tours, medieval apartments, celebrations, celebration organization,, catering services, medieval catering, premises for events, off-site, trade, excursions for pupils, tours for families, cultural events,, museum, marriage ceremonies. Cafe, banquets, seminars, conferences,, offers of the day, celebration place, accommodation, space for rent., Good cafe. Delicious meals. Good, medieval atmosphere, interior.,
    3. "Sofī Tūre", Ltd., Travel tour operator, airline tickets

      Tērbatas 73, Rīga, LV-1001

      +371 67377577

      Tourism, Trips, Hotels abroad, Reservation of airline tickets, Visas, Exotic trips, Last minute trips, Group tours, Charter flights, Tourism and hotel booking, Car rental abroad, Trips (travel) to Bulgaria, Prague, Istanbul, Milan, Rome, Paris,, Burgas. Charter flights, charter flights to Bulgaria. Airline tickets, to Bulgaria, Varna, Burgas, Minsk, Istambul, Laron, Almaty. Trip, travel, to Dubai, Vietnam, Egypt. Group tours to Prague, in Istanbul, Milan,, Paris. Airline tickets ONLINE, Airline ticket booking., Tour operator. Travel agency. Airline and ferry tickets, airline tickets,, airline ticket booking online. Trips to
    4. "Kanrola", Ltd.

      A.Kalnina 8, Riga, LV-1050

      +371 26892984

      Trips, Visas, Bus tours, Airline tickets. Ticket booking. Visa processing. Trips. Visas. Insurance., Hotels. Credit. Airline tours, bus tours. Travel recovery tours, sanatoriums,, resorts. Bus tours all over the world. Trips all around the world.,
    5. "Laimture", Ltd., Travel agency

      Marijas 16, Rīga, LV-1011

      +371 67284830

      Tourism and hotel booking, Airline tickets, Bus tours, Trips, Travel to Germany, Bus tours in the Baltic countries, trips to Lithuania, Estonia and, Latvia. Travel by bus to Europe, travel to Poland, the Czech Republic,, Austria, Germany, wine tours to Hungary, holiday in Croatia, bus tours, to England, France, Switzerland, Spain and Portugal. Travel by bus, for children and families with children. Air tour for groups with overflights, included in the price, group air travel in Europe, airlines to Malta,, to France, to Spain, guaranteed air travel to Italy, air to Croatia., Air tours for individual travelers to America, Asia, Africa, India, and China. Guaranteed air travel
    6. "Rundales auto", Ltd.

      Pilsrundale, "Burzmas", Rundales p., Rundales n., LV-3921

      +371 29105532

      Bus rental., Car repair, Passenger transportation, Car transport services in Bauska, limousine rental in Bauska, limousine, hire, tyre assembly, tyre balancing, minibus hire, bus hire, bus rental.., Tourism. Bus. Buses. Tourist buses.
    7. Krāslavas district Tourist Information Centre

      Pils 2, Kraslava, Kraslavas n., LV-5601

      +371 65622201

      Tourism, Tourist information, Tourist information centre, Tourism Latgale, Recreation Latgale, Kraslavas district TIC, Kraslavas TIC, Kraslava, boats, rafts, Curves, of Daugava, lakes, horses, ceramics, guest houses, recreation places,, accommodation in Kraslavas district, accommodation in Kraslava, accommodation,, holiday houses, Counts Plāteri. Sightseeing: Count Plater's Palace, Complex with a park, Kraslavas St. Ludvig
    8. "Transporta agentura Irbe LNK", Ltd.

      Blaumana 6, Riga, LV-1011

      +371 67334423

      Tourism and hotel reservations, Airline tickets, Visas, Tourism, hotel booking, reservation of airline tickets, cheap airline, tickets, cheap airline tickets, airline tickets, flights to popular, destinations, flights, airline tickets to, airline ticket campaigns,, trips, last minute offers, last minute trips, great last minute trips,, trip to, cruises, cruise travel, water transport tickets, train tickets,, Mediterranean cruise, travel insurance, bus trips, mountain skiing,, honeymoon, corporate services, business travel service, visas, visas, to Russia, visas Russia, travel agency, Novatours, Teztour, Goadventure,, Alidatour, IATA, excursions, airline tickets online, business trips[CPTAGBR
    9. "Saulrieti", Leisure centre, hotel on the seashore

      Raina 11, Saulkrasti, Saulkrastu n., LV-2160

      +371 29407267

      Campings, Camping Saulkrasti, Recreation centers guest houses Saulkrasti, Relaxation by the sea Saulkrasti, Relaxation on the seashore, Hotel Saulkrasti, Bathhouse Saulkrasti, Accommodation, lodging, bath-house, relax by the sea, recreation for, children, jacuzzi, swimming pool, restaurant in home style, home cuisine,, turkish bath, russian bathhouse, camping, campings, holiday houses,, bar, celebration conference rooms, 20 cozy beds, additional space,, additional 10 beds, sauna, sports, children playground, parking by, the sea, on the seashore, outdoor terrace, 3 bed houses, 2 log cabins,, family holiday house, Saulrieti, White swans, White Dune, dune area,, Sunset
    10. "Autobusu nomas centrs", Ltd.

      Lāčplēša 13-61, Rīga, LV-1010

      +371 67502555

      Minivans for rent, Bus rental., Comfortable buses, comfortable buses, bus, buses, minivans for rent,, trips around Latvia, rides along Baltics, trips to Europe, in buses,, minibuses, minibus with driver, minibus without driver, bus rental.,, car rental, buses for student tours, cheap buses, car rental, bus rental,, transportation, minibus hire, car rental in Riga, minibus, excursions,, trips, buses for student tours, buses for school tours, high quality, buses, bus rental, minivan rental, car rental with driver, bus rent,, bus rental Riga, car hire in Riga, minibus rental, minibus rental with, driver, bus hire with driver, bus transportation, bus tours, minibus, rental with driver, passenger
    11. "Lux", coaches - tachographs

      Maskavas 446, Rīga, LV-1063

      +371 27081899

      Tachographs, Tachographs, Code 95, Tachograph, Driving school, Buses. Latvian tachograph school. Buses, minibuses, rental, rent, services,, (bus). Tour, rides, trips. Tachographs, certification, check, (taxographs), tachograph. tachograph, certification, check, tachograph installation,, tachograph repair. Speed limiters. Driving school, code 95, driver, training, Professional driver training, periodic training.,
    12. "Akords U", Ltd., Recreation complex, camping. Sawn timber in Ligatne

      Augsligatne, "Brinki 1", Ligatnes p., Ligatnes n., LV-4108

      +371 26522841

      Camping in Sigulda, Recreation complex in Sigulda, Guest houses in Sigulda, Sawn timber in Sigulda, Lumber trade in Sigulda, Timber sale in Sigulda, Camping in Sigulda, leisure complex in Sigulda, guest house in Sigulda., Sawn timber in Sigulda, lumber trade in Sigulda. Timber sale in Sigulda., Guest house in Sigulda, Līgatne, In Vidzeme. Farmhouse, bathhouse, in Sigulda. Picnic places, wedding celebration in Sigulda, wedding hall,, space for weddings in Sigulda, Līgatne, In Vidzeme. Saw-frame, sawn, timber, purchase of saw logs, dead-wood sawlog purchase, finishing, boards, matchboards, vagonka, floor boards, terrace boards, boards,, beams, wooden panel houses, wooden frame
    13. "Fortuna Travel", Ltd.

      Matisa 31-/2, Riga, LV-1001

      +371 67813290

      Tourism and hotel reservation, Bus rental., Trips, bus rental., Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, bus rental., hotel, booking, tickets, last minute offers, (last minute) visas, tourism., Trips by bus: Poland, Czech Republic, France, Croatia, Hungary, Switzerland,, Slovakia, Sweden, Finland, Denmark. Rest: Egypt, Turkey, Crete, Greece,, Spain, Tunisia, Thailand, Canary Islands.,
    14. "Stafecka īpašumi", Ltd., "Orhideja", travel agency, Hotel Cesis, Accommodation Cesis

      Liela Skolas 7, Cesis, Cesu n., LV-4101

      +371 64124077

      .. . Travel organization, in Cēsis. Tourism routes in Cēsis. Tourist route planning Cēsīs., Hotel booking in Cēsis. Bath-house in Cēsis. Bath-houses in Cēsis., Sauna in Cēsis. Skiing in Cēsis. Visa processing in Cēiīs. Tourist, information centre in Cēsis. In Cēsis. Trip insurance Cēsis. Travel, agency Cēsis. SPA Cēsis.. in Vidzeme. Travel organization in Vidzeme., Spa in Vidzeme. Tourist routes in Vidzeme. Tourist route development, in Vidzeme. Hotel booking in Vidzeme
    15. Rehabilitation Centre "Līgatne", resort hotel "Līgatne", tourist attraction "Secret Soviet Bunker"

      Līgatnes d., Līgatnes p., Skaļupes, LV 4110

      +371 64161915

      Rehabilitation in Vidzeme, Rehabilitologist in Vidzeme, Ligatne bunker, Rehabilitation, Medical aid rehabilitation, Rehabilitation, Beauty care. Rehabilitation, center. Rehabilitation. Rehabilitation programs, back treatment, rehabilitation, physician, physiotherapist consultations. Back massage, underwater, massage. Mud. Mud applications. Pearl baths. Nordic walking. Bone joint, treatment. Muscle disease treatment. Tendon injury treatment. Arthrosis., Arthritis. Footbath. Hand baths. Rehabilitation after stroke. Stroke., After myocardial infarction, (state-funded program). Cardiovascular, disease treatment. After heart surgeries. Treatment of increased blood-pressure., Increased sugar
    16. "UNI Tours", Ltd.

      Dzirnavu 147a, Rīga, LV-1050

      +371 67233950

      Airline ticket booking, Hotel booking. Apartments for rent. Villa booking. Airline tickets., Airbaltic tickets. Cheap airline tickets. Bus trips. Visa processing., Travel insurance. Recreation by the sea. Mountain skiing. Hot deals., Last minute offers. Tourism office. Tours in Latvia. Excursions in Riga., Excursions in Europe. Exotic trips. Group trips to Uzbekistan. Charter, flights to Turkey, Greece, Spain, Italy, Thailand, Cuba, Dominican, Republic.,
    17. "Baltic santur", Ltd., Tourism agency in Riga

      Volguntes 27-14, Rīga, LV-1046

      +371 29617371

      Tourism, Tourism and hotel booking, Excursions, Tours for students in Latvia, travels for schoolchildren in Latvia,, school pupil bus tours in Latvia, tours for students during spring, holidays in Latvia, tours for students during autumn holidays in Latvia;, Tours for students to Lithuania, travel for students to Lithuania,, student bus tours to Lithuania, tours for students during spring holidays, to Lithuania, tours for students during autumn holidays to Lithuania;, Tours for students to Estonia, students trips to Estonia, student bus, tours to Estonia, tours for students during spring holidays to Estonia,, tours for students during autumn holidays to Estonia; Tours for students, in
    18. "Viva delta", Ltd.

      Marijas 7-405, Riga, LV-1050

      +371 25925479

      Last minute offers, Visas, Travel agencies in center, Tourism and hotel booking, Hot deals. Travel agencies in the center. Travel agency center. Airline, tickets. Ticket reservation, booking. Visa processing. Visas for non-citizens., Trips. Insurance. Hotels. Airline tours. Air. Tourism and hotel booking., Charters. Exotic trips. Special offers. Group tours. Airline ticket, booking. Travel by bus on weekends, airplane. Charter flights. Cruises., Ferry tickets, bus tickets, train tickets.,
    19. Munchausen museum, leisure centre

      "Duntes muiza", Liepupes p., Salacgrivas n., LV-4023

      +371 64065633

      Munchausen museum. Munchausen trails. Guided tours. Purchase of Munchausen, souvenirs. Forest trails with wooden sculptures. Wooden ship, seasonal, cafe. Munchausen. Excursions for children, pupils, recreational areas,, picnic places, outdoors.,
    20. "Madonas viesnica", Ltd., Hotel Madona

      Saieta laukums 10, Madona, Madonas n., LV-4801

      +371 27008414

      Hotel Madona, Hotel, Hotel in Madona, Accommodation in Madona, Hotel, hotel, hotels, hotel, hotel in Madona, hotel Madona. Conference, hall, rest, tourism, In Madonas center, prices from 25 EUR. Breakfast, included in the price. The rooms have shower, toilet, TV. Free parking., In the hotel is available WiFi access. "Madona Hotel" Ltd. offers, its clients the following additional services: conference hall Big, - up to 40 people group. For guest convenience we offer also laundry, washing, drying, ironing, (washing, drying, ironing). In the hotel, building is a cafe. Madona hotel has 42 modern and comfortable rooms,, including 12 single rooms, 6 double (twin), 5 double, 2 triple, 1 family
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