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      236022, Калининград, Мусоргского ул., 10

      +7 952 1191980

      Banks and banking services
    2. ТРАСТОВЫЙ РЕСПУБЛИКАНСКИЙ БАНК, операционная касса № 1

      236040, Калининград, Черняховского ул., 14/18

      +7 (4012) 533945

    3. ТРАСТОВЫЙ РЕСПУБЛИКАНСКИЙ БАНК, операционная касса № 2

      236040, Калининград, Черняховского ул., 74Б

      +7 (4012) 538573


    Companies in Latvia

    1. "Mautoserviss", SIA, Car service, tires in Riga

      Maskavas 434, Rīga, LV-1063

      +371 27200200

      .. , bike tires,, bicycle repair, wheel geometry adjustment, wheel geometry, car wheel bolts,, wheel bolts, leasing, leasing services, items can be purchased on lease,, goods leasing, contract signing on the spot, car rental exchange car,, car trade, new tyres, new wheels, car rental.,
    2. "Icetec LTD" Ltd., Refrigeration, cooling and air conditioning equipment repair, service

      Bukaišu 12b, Rīga, LV-1004

      +371 27059777

      .. Evaporators, heat exchange,, capacitors, LU-VE, Rivacold, GUNTNER, Kueba, S, E, R, Alfa-Laval,, GOEDHART, RoenEst, OMEGA, sandwich panels, KINGSPAN, Coldor, Incold Izopanel., Aizkraukle, Jaunjelgava, Pļaviņas, Ape, Aluksne, Balvi, Viļaka,, Iecavas district, Bauska, Cesis, Līgatne, Daugavpils, Ilūkste,, Subate, Auce, Dobele, Gulbene, Jelgava, Kalnciems, Akniste, Jekabpils,, Viesīte, Dagda, Kraslava, Alsungas district, Skrunda, Kuldiga, Durbe,, Pāvilosta, Aizpute, Grobina, Priekule, Liepaja, Ainaži, Limbazi,[CPTAGBR
    3. "Atslegu, durvju atversana, SOS serviss", Lock center

      .. damage cases. Accurate and qualitative opening of doors, and locks without damage. Broken door repair and renovation. Lock, and key installation and putting in, secure lock installation. Secure, lock and key installation. We exchange quickly and qualitatively., Code lock installation. Door repair after breaking in and damaging,, protection from metal from cracking, For 602nd series apartments., Door cladding with artificial leather, upholstery and insulation with artificial leather., Door code programming. Repair
    4. "Baltrem", Ltd., Repair of washing machines, Repair of household appliances, refrigeration showcases

      Prūšu 3, Rīga, LV-1057

      +371 29629128

      .. Professional and household appliance repair,, Gas stove, electric stove, oven, steam hood, dishwasher, washing machine repair,, service, fixing, installation, connection, Repair of electric stoves,, Washing machine repair, Oven repair, Washing machine repair at client's place,, Repair of automatic washing machines, Household appliances repair workshop,, Washing machine masters, Repair of laundries, Washing machine repair,, Master calling, visit to client' place, bearing change, tank repair,, heating element change, belt change, electronics
    5. "Inkomercs K", Ltd., Professional kitchen equipment

      Katlakalna 1, Rīga, LV-1073

      +371 67139677

      .. Professional kitchen equipment, for canteens, professional mincing machines,, donut pan, electric soup pots, professional electric cookers, potato peeler,, refrigerators with glass doors, serving carts, cooling showcases for flowers,, hot dog cooking apparatus, furniture for bars and restaurants, freezing units,, cold exchange, industrial meat grinders, Belarusian meat grinders,, catering establishment professional equipment, catering business kitchen appliances,, meat grinders for canteens, Unger, Valross, scaffolding, shock freezers
    6. Ltd. "EVORS Group", Security services

      Avotu 60 k.2, Rīga, LV-1009

      +371 67277779

      .. systems, video control systems,, fire safety systems, designing, assembly, maintenance, control and, access control systems, remote video surveillance, videomonitoring,, audio control, encashment, collection services, cash collection,, exchange money supply. Cash processing, transportation, storage., Currency conversion, mobile safe services. Valuables, jewelry, jewelry,, transportation of securities. Escorting of valuable cargoes, escorting,, intercoms, perimeter security systems, electronic fences, security[CPTAGBR
    7. "Vidzemes vēnu centrs", Ltd, Vein diagnostics, treatment in Riga

      Brīvības 68, Rīga, LV-1011

      +371 67186950

      .. , and most advanced leg vein treatment equipment. Company Biolitec AG diode lasers CERALAS,, Ultrasound diagnostics equipment, Infiltration pumps, Examination tables,, Lymphatic drainage apparatus, Equipment for vein treatment. To promote, exchange of knowledge and experience, vein center. Veins, Vein center,, Flebomedica, Vein stockings, Compression stockings, Vein surgeries,, Vein treatment, Vein varicose, Vein diagnostics, Vein laser surgeries,, Sclerotherapy, Trophic ulcers, Thrombus, Vein thrombosis, Leg edema,[CPTAGBR
    8. "INTERGAZ", Ltd.

      Mārupe, Ziedleju 2, Mārupes n., LV-2167

      +371 1804

      Gas cylinders, Heating systems, Gas heat, Gas equipment, Gas appliances, Gas, Gas cylinders, balloons, gas, liquefied gas, propane gas, heating gas,, domestic gas cylinders, gas for grill, gas cylinder trade, industrial gas,, propane, butane, gas cylinder, gas cylinders delivery, car gas, car gas,, gas appliances, gas supplies, system design, house heating, gas cylinder prices,, gas cylinder change, gas cylinder 27l price, gas cylinder exchange in Riga,, gas cylinder filling, gas cylinder
    9. Ltd. "Discovery Logistics"

      Ķekava, Gaismas 19 k.4-6, Ķekavas p., Ķekavas n., LV-2123

      +371 25751779

      .. ] Freight stock exchange, sea container shipments, cargo transportation to Germany,, cargo offers, cabotage transport, road transportation with trailers,, trucking to Norway, consolidation cargo shipping, air cargo transport,, customs brokers, warehouse services, sea transportation, shipments to Norway,, railway transport, cargoes, Freight Exchange, customs warehouses,, maritime transport, courier services, logistics companies, truck service,, cargo insurance, container rental.,
    10. "E Lats", Ltd.

      Bauskas 20, Rīga, LV-1004

      +371 8838

      Loan, Credit, Jewelry trade, Pawnshop, Payment of bills, Currency exchange, Money transfers, Car leasing, Insurance, Loans, loan, loan in Riga, loan online, short-term loan, take a credit,, loans without collateral, quick loans, Credit, credit against pledge,, fast, long-term, short-term loan, kredit v Rige, a pledge, loan without collateral,, loans on the Internet, online credit, Gold items, gold, jewelry,, silver, coins, coin, purchase of gold, gemstones, metals, precious
    11. "Rezerve", Car center

      Ēdoles 54, Kuldīga, Kuldīgas n., LV-3301

      +371 63322884

      Car repair maintenance, Car service, Car rental, Car repair Kuldiga, Car service Kuldiga, Citroen, TOYOTA, LADA car trade, guarantee service. New, used, little used cars., Body repair, painting. Running gear repair, car service, repair,, maintenance. Spare parts. Car rental. car rental, car rental from 25 EUR per day,, service car conversion service 20 EUR per day. Minibus rental, micro bus,, bus, bus, minibus rental, lorry, van rental, all brand car repair,, BOSCH diagnostics. Peugeot, CI, oil change, brake change, body, repair of bodies,, painting in Kuldiga, Kurzeme. Tyre change, car service station, wheel alignment,, alloy wheel repair, tyre storage, tyre assembly, balancing, spare
    12. "Inchcape Motors Latvia", Ltd.

      Skanstes 4a, Rīga, LV-1013

      +371 67303000

      .. Running gear diagnostics, running gear test on bench,, clutch change, wheel alignment, service, belt change, lubricant exchange,, powertrain repair, technical maintenance, roadworthiness inspection passing,, control system diagnostics, body painting, body repair, timing belt change,, car change, car spare parts, parts, engine diagnostics, all kinds of spare parts,, engine diagnostics, car diagnostics in Riga, car preparation for TI,, running gear diagnostics and repair, brake system repair, brake pad change,, brake disc change, INCHCAPE Ford, INCHCAPE Mazda, INCHCAPE motors.,
    13. Ford car salon, service, "Inchcape Motors Latvia", Ltd.

      Skanstes 4a, Rīga, LV-1013

      +371 67303000

      .. Running gear diagnostics, running gear testing, running, gear test on bench, clutch change, wheel alignment, belt change,, lubricant exchange, powertrain repair, technical maintenance, roadworthiness, inspection passing, control system diagnostics, body painting, car body repair,, timing belt change, car change, car service stations, car parts,, car parts, engine diagnostics, all kinds of spare parts, motor diagnostics and repair,, car diagnostics in Riga, preparation for TI, running gear diagnostics and repair,, brake system repair, brake pad change, brake disc change, INCHCAPE Ford,, INCHCAPE motors.,
    14. MAZDA car salon, service, "Inchcape Motors Latvia"

      Skanstes 4a, Rīga, LV-1013

      +371 67303000

      .. system installation., Tyre balancing, assembly, repair, storage. Wheel balancing, geometry,, geometry adjustment, geometric test. Running gear diagnostics, running gear testing,, running gear test on bench. Wheel alignment, service. Clutch, belts,, timing belt, auto, lubricant exchange. Powertrain repair, technical maintenance,, roadworthiness inspection passing, control system diagnostics, body painting,, spare parts, original spare parts, parts, parts, engine diagnostics,, all kinds of spare parts, motor diagnostics and
    15. "AVE Riga", SIA, Timber warehouse

      Mūkusalas 45, Rīga, LV-1004

      +371 26563886

      Sale of timber materials, Boards, Sale of timber materials, timber, sawn timber, boards, beams, laths,, planed timber, finishing boards, vagonka, skirting boards, floor boards,, fence boards, OSB3, terrace boards, impregnated terrace boards, block house boards,, firewood, dried firewood, firewood, briquettes, impregnation, impregnation, under pressure, septisation, fire retardant, fire treatment, screws,, angles, threaded rods, cargo assembly, preparation of goods by size,, plank preparation by size, board elongation, construction
    16. "", Ltd.

      Ķengaraga 1, Rīga, LV-1063

      +371 29604390

      Car glass, Car-glass, Windshields, PILKINGTON, Car glass change, Car-glass, car glass, windshields, car glass service, car glass trade,, car glass installation, car glass replacement with warranty, car glass pasting,, car glass installation, windshield crack repair, car glass replacement, after insurance cases, KASKO, OCTA, insurance application acceptance,, insurance application processing, any glass for any car, glasses for cars,, glass for trucks, glass for tractors, glass for vans, glass retro cars,, glass for buses, glass for tractors, car window tinting with top-quality adhesive films,, production of car glass for lorry loaders, car glass production for excavators,, car
    17. "Wilo Baltic", Ltd., pumps - pump systems

      Maskavas 227, Rīga, LV-1019

      +371 67145229

      .. , aerators,, Underground pumping stations, industrial pumps. Fire safety pumps., Water Cooling Pumps. Ventilation pumps, ventilation system pumps., Pumps for heating systems, dry rotary pumps, wet rotary pumps, high, efficiency pumps for heating, Pump service, pump service center,, pump system maintenance, pump maintenance, pump exchange, replacement., Pump wholesale, pump systems wholesale.,
    18. "Oranžs Zilonis", Ltd., copying and printing workshop, computer repair, mobile phone repair in the center of Riga

      Merķeļa 3, Rīga, LV-1050

      +371 29627627

      .. , printer repair, business card production,, stamp production, business card printing, office equipment. Mobile, phones LG, HTC, Nokia, Motorolla, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, iPHONE,, iPad, ASUS, BLACKBERRY, GLOFISH, HP, SONY PSP. Spare parts, display,, speaker, microphone exchange and repair. Mobile phone fixing. Tablet PC repair., Monitors, Data Recovery, installation. Reinstalling. Softwares. Computer modernization., Computer chargers. Cartridges, cartridge refilling, laser cartridges,, laser cartridge refilling. Printers
    19. Latvian Rural Advisory and Training Centre ("LLKC")

      Ozolnieki, Rīgas 34, Ozolnieku p., Ozolnieku n., LV-3018

      +371 63050220

      .. . Cross-compliance. Rural development., Rural surveying. Business plans. Annual reports. Balance sheets., Applications to SRS. Preparation of documents for SRS, RSS. Services for dairy farms., Dairy farming advice. Training for farmers, rural entrepreneurs., Exchange of experience for farmers. LEADER project drafting. Seminars., Rural tourism. State Rural Network. Fisheries cooperation network., Infrastructure modernization. Rural fertilizing plans. Crop cultivation consultations., Organic farming consultations. Forestry
    20. "Anni Serviss 24", Ltd., Water, heat, sewerage installation service

      Water borehole, Water standpipe installation, Heat exchanger, Heat exchanger replacement, Sewerage installation, Sewerage assembly, Hydrophores installation, Drainage system sewerage, Water borehole, water standpipe installation, borehole installation,, heat exchanger, heat exchanger replacement, sewerage installation,, sewerage assembly, hydrophores installation, water borehole drilling,, water standpipe installation, water standpipe rinsing, water pump installation,, hydrophores installation
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