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    1. СТМ, программное обеспечение для ж/д логистики и ВЭД

      236039, Калининград, Октябрьская ул., 29А, оф. 12

      +7 (4012) 988408

      Accounting and systems of law
    2. STM-ГРУПП, транспортно-экспедиторская фирма

      236000, Калининград, Ленинский проспект, 30А

      +7 (4012) 310540

    3. SZTES, таможенные услуги, логистика

      236034, Калининград, Дзержинского ул., 248, каб. 24

      +7 911 8660033

      Customs services

      236000, Калининград

      +7 911 4591700

      Customs services
    5. ВЕСТЕР, транспортно-логистический отдел

      236011, Калининград, Судостроительная ул., 75, Здание КМС, эт. 2

      +7 (4012) 353820

    6. ЗЕЛЕНЫЙ КОРИДОР, таможенный брокер

      236010, Калининград, Вагоностроительная ул., 3/5

      +7 (4012) 311485

      Customs services
    7. МЕЖДУНАРОДНЫЙ ТАМОЖЕННЫЙ ТЕРМИНАЛ, Калининградский филиал

      236009, Калининград, Туруханская ул., 3А

      +7 (4012) 900162

      Customs services
    8. НОН-СТОП, транспортная компания

      236005, Калининград, Печатная ул., 26, оф. 17

      +7 (4012) 699002


      236006, Калининград, Кирпичная ул., 7, каб. 301

      +7 906 2154553

      Customs services
    10. DACHSER, транспортно-экспедиторская компания

      236006, Калининград, Московский проспект, 40, оф. 902, "Балтийский бизнес-центр"

      +7 (4012) 702916

    11. АВТОСТЕП

      236034, Калининград, Дзержинского ул., 246Б

      +7 (4012) 611305

    12. АРТВЕЙ, международные грузоперевозки

      236039, Калининград, Ленинский проспект, 155А, эт. 2, оф. 10

      +7 (4012) 901010

    13. АСБ-ТРАНС, транспортно-экспедиторская компания

      236006, Калининград, Барнаульская ул., 2, оф. 322, ТЦ "Барнаульский"

      +7 (4012) 992598

    14. БАЛТИЙСКАЯ ПЕРЕВОЗОЧНАЯ КОМПАНИЯ, отдел таможенного оформления

      236006, Калининград, Ленинский проспект, 30, оф. 507, ТЦ "Калининград Плаза"

      +7 (4012) 536711

      Customs services

      236034, Калининград, Дзержинского ул., 246Б

      +7 (4012) 771102

      Customs services
    16. БАЛТТРАНСЛОГИСТИК, оформление транзита в страны ЕС

      236022, Калининград, Советский проспект, 14, оф. 407

      +7 (4012) 991213

      Auto-transportation of cargo

      236039, Калининград, Калинина проспект, 2, каб. 38

      +7 (4012) 645398

      Customs services
    18. ВОЙНОВ А.И., транспортно-экспедиторская компания

      236010, Калининград, Победы проспект, 221

      +7 (4012) 957028

    19. ГАРАНТ39

      236006, Калининград, Московский проспект, 40, оф. 505, "Балтийский бизнес-центр"

      +7 (4012) 702690

    20. ГЛАВТРАССА, группа компаний

      236016, Калининград, Литовский Вал ул., 19

      +7 (4012) 999009

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    Companies in Latvia

    1. "ARS logistika", Ltd., Air cargo transport

      Lidosta "Rīga", Ziemeļu 18, Mārupes n., LV-1053

      +371 67068922

      Air cargo transport, Customs services, Mailing Russia, Post postal services, Freight transport by air, Customs, International freight transport, Advice on clearance issues, advice, in transport, customs and logistics issues, Sea container reloading to warehouse,, Import and export cargo consolidation, Customs warehouse with railway connections,, Cargo insurance, Logistics companies, Air freight shipments, air cargoes,, Customs clearance, customs brokerage services
    2. "Forwarder", Ltd., Customs brokers

      Uriekstes 8b, Rīga, LV-1005

      +371 27797012

      Customs legal services, Customs services, Customs, Customs brokers, Warehousing, Customs, customs brokers, TIR Carnet filling, TIR Carnet processing,, import, export, transit procedure, cargo declaration, declaration,, customs clearance inland, customs clearance, customs document management,, decoration, customs accompanying document filling in, decoration,, import, export, transit, TIR carnet, Cmr, EXA IMA processing, transit cargoes,[CPTAGBR
    3. "MD Logistic", Ltd. air, sea and road freight transport

      Cesvaines 15a, Rīga, LV-1073

      +371 29345980

      Air cargo transport, Freight transport road, Sea freight shipping, Freight transport, Freight transport by road, freight transport, composite cargo, full container loads,, multimodal freight transportation, international freight transport,, bulk freights, air cargo transport, transport by air, air cargoes,, aircraft transportation, sea freight transport, ship freight shipping,, sea freight shipping, sea container cargoes, container shipments,, railway cargo transportation, freight transport by rail, transportation
    4. "Alpa Vagons", Ltd.

      Eglaines 1, Rīga, LV-1057

      +371 67780675

      Platforms for transportation of round logs, Wagons for transportation of round logs, Covered wagons, Railway tanks, Wagons for chip transportation, Railway cargo transportation, Rail freight (cargo) transport, railway transport. Railway wagon,, tank, platform purchase, sale, rental, lease, rent. Rolling stock,, (cisterns, platforms, wagons, closed wagons). Petroleum product,, (products) diesel fuel, fuel, fuel, oil, coil, timber, (timber) particle,, (shingles) peat, (peat) heating pellets, (pellet) briquettes, (briquette), transportation, transportation, expedition. Bulk cargoes. Quickly, damaging product, cargo (quickly damaging cargoes) transportation, that requires special
    5. "TIMEX", Customs declarants

      Ropažu 24-11, Rīga, LV-1039

      +371 22031116

      .. clearance service., Customs in Riga. Customs formalities. Customs services. Customs clearance., Clearing. Declarations. Declaration. Customs declarants. Import,, export.. documents, customs accompanying documents,, transit cargoes. Bonded warehouse services. Cargo declaration. Customs, clearance in warehouse. Customs formalities on the Internet. Customs clearance in Latvia.[CPTAGBR
    6. "DSV Latvia", Ltd., Liepajas office

      Flotes 16, Liepāja, LV-3405

      +371 63485891

      .. ,, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand,, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, USA,, Vietnam. Domestic freight transport in Latvia. Delivery from door to door., Warehouse and bonded warehouse services. Customs brokerage services., Logistic solutions.
    7. "Gaja Pluss", SIA - Saliktu kravu parvadajumi, parvaksanas serviss ekspress piegade, muitas noliktava Eiropa, Baltija, Riga

      Ogres 5-27, Rīga, LV-1019

      +371 29208915

      Courier services, small groupage cargoes, express delivery in whole Europe,, customs warehouse. .. Transport companies in Latvia, full transport insurance,, carrier's third party liability insurance, ICC, A ICC, B ICC, C full container transport,, FCL, fCL cargo transportation, LCL, customs brokerage services, import, air cargo transport, export air cargo transport, Entargo, Groupline,, direct loading, road transport. .. services, customs brokerage services, logistic solutions., Advice on transport issues, customs requests, logistics issues.
    8. "ACE Logistics Latvia", Ltd.

      "Kalniņi A", Mārupes n., LV-2167

      +371 67207049

      .. customs, import, road freight transport,, thermo cargoes, thermal loads, container cargo transport, road transport services,, container transport, road transportation, auto pārvadātāji, car transport,, logistics, logistic services, cargoes, road transport, transport,, small cargoes, composite cargoes, warehousing, warehouses, freight transport by air,, cargo transportation sea, sea freight shipping, road cargo services,, transport services, transport shipments, international transportation,, road
    9. "FF International Movers", SIA, Parvietosanas serviss

      Šarlotes 3, Rīga, LV-1001

      +371 67840592

      Moving services, transport services, moving services, moving, moving,, movers, to move belongings, personal belongings, furnishing, office,, bureau, office, office relocation, moving, office resource, houseplant,, animal, pet, archive and warehouse transfer, loaders, loader services,, loading, unloading, furniture transport, moving, dismantling, installation,, delivery, delivery, storage of belongings, warehouse services for, short-term or long-term, international and local moving, specific, item and animal transportation, decoration service, belonging and transport insurance,, customs
    10. "DSV Latvia", Ltd., car, sea and air freight

      Krustpils 31, Rīga, LV-1073

      +371 67100701

      .. transport in Latvia., Small loads to Poland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Ukraine, Belarus,, Switzerland. Logistics services Latvia, delivery from door to door,, warehouse services, customs warehouse services, customs brokerage services,, logistic solutions, expedition, INTRASTAT, natural resources tax report preparation,, import, export, oversized cargoes, thermo cargoes. Advice on transport,, customs, logistics issues. Sea consolidated cargo transportation,, LCL, consolidated sea cargoes
    11. "Jaunzeltini", SIA

      Birztalu 9, Rīga, LV-1015

      +371 67840765

      Stevedoring services. Logistics. Customs brokers. Timber material processing., Port warehouses. Cargo acceptance. Cargo loading. Ship transport., Railway transport. Road
    12. "Vollers-Riga", Ltd., Warehouse services

      "Lindes", Salaspils p., Salaspils n., LV-2118

      +371 67956605

      Warehouse services, Warehouses, Freezer, Customs, Freezer services, Warehousing, warehouses, freezer, customs, freezer services, cargo storage,, sorting, cargo sorting, selection of cargoes, selection, temperature regime,, regulējams temperatūras režīms, public bonded warehouses, warehouses, for EU goods with rail drive, warehouses with rail drive, food storage,, food storage, cocoa, coffee, chilled products, potato, fresh vegetables,, conservation, frozen products
    13. "UG TRANS", Ltd.

      Dzirnavu 72-1, Rīga, LV-1050

      +371 67133034

      .. ] Sea containers, sea container shipments. Sea freight transport. Sea, container transportation. Cargo insurance. Transport services. Car with manipulator., Water transportation of goods. FCL full sea freight. LCL Composite Sea Freight., Dangerous cargo transportation. ADR transportation. Warehousing., Customs brokerage services.
    14. "D.C.S.", Ltd., Transport services

      Austuves 3a, Rīga, LV-1063

      +371 29569554

      Moving services, Loader services, Moving service, Movement of belongings, International moving, Furniture transfer in Riga, Loader services, Office movement, Apartment moving, office relocation, moving, professional moving,, office relocation, moving service, services, relocation, transport services,, transfer service solutions, moving services, furniture dismantling,, installation, transportation, heavy object moving, piano, piano,, movement, safe, safe moving, heavy furniture, large-size, belongings,, packing, in boxes, packaging films, loader, loader services
    15. "Magnetiks", SIA, auto celtna noma

      Bieķensalas 5, Rīga, LV-1004

      +371 29278774

      Loading works, unloading works, loading works in narrow circumstances,, unloading in narrow circumstances, loading works in difficult conditions,, unloading works in difficult conditions, loading works at height,, unloading works at height, port warehouses, workshops, industrial companies,, customs warehouses, assistance on roadside, accident consequences elimination with crane,, liquidation of accident results, handling equipment, handling equipment for ports,, port handling equipment, motorcrane rental, mobile crane hire, motor crane services,, equipment services
    16. SIA "Discovery Logistics"

      Ķekava, Gaismas 19 k.4-6, Ķekavas p., Ķekavas n., LV-2123

      +371 25751779

      Customs, customs, customs document preparation, customs brokerage services,, import customs formalities, export customs formalities, declarant,, declarants, import, export, broker, broker, brokers, tax calculation,, advice on customs procedures, customs clearance specialist, customs, clearance specialist services, surface transport, Turkey, Ukraine,, Austria, Belgium, Belarus, Canada, ASV, Switzerland, China, Germany,, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Great Britain, Greece, Romania,, Hong Kong, Croatia, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Iceland, Italy, Japan,, NVS, courier services, mail, mail services
    17. "REWICO Baltikum"

      Stūnīši, "Lapegles", Olaines p., Olaines n., LV-2127

      +371 67152757

      Customs clearance services , Freight transport road, International cargo transportation, Sea transportation, Warehousing, Customs warehouse, Composite cargo, Customs clearance, Freight transport. Expedition. Transportation. Transport. Logistics., Freight transport by road, (auto) in the air, (air) railway, (railway), along sea, (sea
    18. "Ferro Terminal", Ltd.

      Brīvostas 22, Liepāja, LV-3405

      +371 63443374

      Transport services, customs brokerage services, ship agency, warehouse services,, warehousing, forwarders, forwarding services, off-site services,, port, ice free port, logistics, container shipments, road cargo services,, railways, railway transport, freight transport, efficiency and safety,, reloading, treatment
    19. CF&S Latvia, SIA, starptautiskie kravu parvadajumi

      Ganību dambis 24d, Rīga, LV-1005

      +371 + 371 67388300

      Freight transport, International freight transport, Container cargo transport,, Road transport services, Logistics, Cargoes, Road transport, Transport,, Composite cargo, Container shipments, Warehousing, Warehouses, customs warehouses,, customs warehouse services, customs. Freight transport by air, Cargo transportation sea,, Sea freight shipping, Freight transport, Transport services, Cargo, transportation to/from Europe, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Russia, Uzbekistan,, Kazakhstan, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, England, (Great Britain) Ireland,, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, France, Spain,, Portugal, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Greece, Turkey.
    20. "P-Serviss", SIA - International courier service - express shipments

      Puškina 5, Rīga, LV-1050

      +371 67650639

      .. International shipping,, international express delivery by air and land, international courier service,, courier delivery worldwide, international express orders, express delivery,, fast delivery, delivery service, courier mail, transportation, import,, export, to / from, transport, mail, post package, parcel sent by post,, to send, broker, brokers, brokerage services, customs, customs brokers,, urgent international shipments, urgent, air transport, aircraft,, international freight transport, air, auto, air transport
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