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Companies in Latvia

  1. "Raganas slota", guest house and camping near the Ventspils

    "Doniņi", Vārves p., Ventspils n., LV-3623

    +371 29255061

    Camping in Ventspils, Children's and pupil`s summer camps, guest house, guest house, camping,, rooms, rooms, banquet hall, conference hall, bathhouse complex, tub,, hot tub, equipped kitchen, satellite tv, internet, Wi-Fi, grill place,, fireplace sites, children playground, parking place, boat rental,, fish pond, fishing, sports field, streetball, volleyball field, outdoor terrace,, camping houses with equipped kitchen, in each house satellite TV,, at each house grill, outdoor terrace, landscaped camping, shower,, toilet, room for up to 70 people, recreation by the sea, works all year round,, heating all year round, weddings, celebrations. Leisure centre, guest house hotel,, seed-plot. Tents, tent places
  2. Russian public bath "Vizlas pirts"

    Vizlas 9, Rīga, LV-1057

    +371 29547689

    Bath-house, Public bath, Russian bathhouse, Public bath, Baths, Public bath, russian public bath, pool with cascade, showers, baths,, steam bath, beer bar, guarded car park. Landscaped outdoor garden terrace., Bathhouse - a good tradition and a real pleasure, relaxation, beauty and health., Steam bath. Birch, oak besoms, hygiene products. High quality massage,, massage services. Hair-dressing saloon, manicure, pedicure, solarium,, SPA. Bathhouse in Kengarags, center, Maskavas street. Public bath,, steam bath, russian bathhouse, public bathhouse in Kengarags, Moscow., Sauna. Recreation place, banquets, banquet hall, family celebrations,, corporate events.,
  3. "Balta pirts", Russian bathhouse

    Tallinas 71, Rīga, LV-1009

    +371 67271733

    Bath-house, Baths, Sauna, Turkish bath, Turkish bath, Yoga classes, Bath-house, baths, sauna, authentic country bathhouse, a wood-heated sauna,, turkish bath, steam bath, bathhouse in the center, massage, back massage,, sauna peace, sauna cats, birch besoms, therapeutic massage, swimming pool,, recreation room, rest, cafe, lunch, dinner, snacks, premises, premises for rent,, premises for seminars, rooms for rent, premises for events, seminars,, banquets, catering for banquets, yoga, yoga classes, children yoga,, yoga for children, Kundalini yoga, hatha yoga, traditional wood-heated bathhouse,, sauna with steam adding, sauna with steaming, bath-house, women's hothouse,[CPTAGBR
  4. "Laguna House", viesnica, "Laguna Lux", SIA

    Sunīši, Ezerkrasta 17, Garkalnes n., LV-2137

    +371 20393458

    Hotel, accommodation. Internet access. Parking by the camcorder., Restaurant, bar. Banquet for up to 100 people. Conferences, events,, events. Wedding table laying, anniversary celebration. Off-site banquets., Outdoor terrace, grill, barbecue baking. Children's playground. Bath-house,, boat rental. Hotel, fishing. Hotel on the coast of the lake Sunīšu near the 3x3 track., Transport services.,
  5. "Konsol Logi", Ltd., sliding windows, doors in Riga

    Gogoļa 21, Rīga, LV-1050

    +371 66066824

    Doors windows, PVC windows, Plastic windows, Sliding windows, Sliding systems, sliding loggias, sliding window systems, sliding windows,, sliding aluminum structures, windows, doors. Riga, Ogre, Jelgava,, Jurmala, Center of Riga, Moscow region. PVC windows, Plastic doors., Sliding loggias, sliding systems, sliding window systems, window sliding systems,, windows, doors, sliding doors, sliding terraces, loggias, loggia glazing,, aluminum sliding structures, systems, glass, windowsills, windowsill production,, production, production, windowsill manufacturing, installation, window sill installation,, assembly, door assembly, window assembly, wooden windows, wooden doors,, plastic windows
  6. "Hanzas flīžu tirgus", shop - warehouse

    Hanzas 12, Rīga, LV-1010

    +371 67336228

    .. tiles for bathroom,, bathroom wall tiles, bathroom interior, tiles for bathhouses, kitchen floor tiles,, outdoor tiles, terrace tiles, decorative tiles, finish tiles, spanish tiles,, Spanish tiles, portuguese tiles, design tiles, designer tiles, tile supply,, ceramic tiles, stone tiles for floor, marble tiles, glass tiles,, modern tiles, large selection of tiles, classical tiles, large-size tiles,, small size tiles, high quality tiles. Cheap tiles, Low budget tiles,, discount tiles, tile campaign, tiles campaign
  7. "Saulrieti", Leisure centre, hotel on the seashore

    Raiņa 11, Saulkrasti, Saulkrastu n., LV-2160

    +371 29407267

    Campings, Camping Saulkrasti, Recreation centers guest houses Saulkrasti, Relaxation by the sea Saulkrasti, Relaxation on the seashore, Hotel Saulkrasti, Bathhouse Saulkrasti, Hotel Saulkrasti beach, Hotels, Accommodation, lodging, bath-house, relax by the sea, recreation for children,, jacuzzi, swimming pool, restaurant in home style, home cuisine, turkish bath,, russian bathhouse, camping, campings, holiday houses, bar, celebration conference rooms,, 20 cozy beds, additional space, additional 10 beds, sauna, sports,, children playground, parking by the sea, on the seashore, outdoor terrace,, 3 bed houses, 2 log cabins, family holiday house, Saulrieti, White swans
  8. "Akmens apstrades darbnica", "Pirma akmens studija", Ltd.

    Jaunciema gatve 233, Rīga, LV-1023

    +371 22055577

    .. , wall and floor tiles, wall finishing materials,, glass mosaic tiles, bathroom design, bathroom interior, tiles for bathhouses,, kitchen floor tiles, outdoor tiles, glass tiles, modern tiles, large selection of tiles,, classical tiles, large-size tiles, small size tiles, stone tiles for floor,, finish tiles, decorative tiles, design tiles, high quality tiles,, designer tiles, tile supply.,
  9. "Ilbu", SIA, Filiale, Kokmateriali Riga

    "Jaunumi", Ķekavas p., Ķekavas n., LV-2123

    +371 28700022

    .. construction. Wooden fences, wooden fences, fence wood blanks,, timber for any wood construction, terrace boards, various width finishing boards,, bathhouse finish, sweating shelf boards, finishing boards for bathhouses,, lining, vagonka, floor boards, wooden floors, wooden terraces, wood finishing materials,, wood-frame constructions, sawn timber for wooden frames, timber antiseptic,, lumber antiseptic, timber fire treatment, timber fire processing,, timber production and trade, lumber production and trade. Timber in Pieriga,[CPTAGBR
  10. "Lilastes Pirtnieks", Ltd.

    Lilaste, "Jaunladiņi", Saulkrastu p., Saulkrastu n., LV-2160

    +371 29254569

    Baths, Recreation complex guest houses, Bath-house. Recreation complex guest houses. Near Riga, near Riga,, near the sea, near the sea, in river coast. Bathhouse for pleasure and health,, relaxation in winter and summer. River about 10m from the bathhouse., Besom tied from oak. Scrubs and hygiene products. Place for campfire,, barbecue, garden table. Tableware and tea. Steaming cure, bath-house attendant,, steaming, accommodation, lodging, countryside bathhouse, there are, two rooms with beds and extra mattresses on the upper floor of the, sauna, and the house is with one more bed, heater and TV. Bathhouse recreation., Bathhouse attendant Tālis Justs, bathhouse in Saulkrasti, Saulkrasti,, Lilaste
  11. "Dzintars Hotel", hotel, 3***

    Edinburgas prospekts 15, Jūrmala, LV-2015

    +371 67751582

    Cafes bars restaurants, Hotel Jūrmala, Banquet hall in Jurmala, Hotel in Jurmala, Hotels, Hotel, Restaurant in Jurmala, Children's events in Jurmala, Bathhouse in Jurmala, Sauna in Jurmala, Weddings in Jurmala, Hotel Dzintars, Dzintars Hotel, hotel Dzintars in Jurmala. Hotel in Jurmala., Hotel in Dzintari. We offer our guests 35 comfortable rooms. Room, service private bathroom. Rooms have heated floors, also air-conditioner., Minibar, Sat tv, WiFi Internet, breakfast included. Breakfast can, be enjoyed in the cafe, where during the day are served various dishes., Restaurant Dzintars offers wide premises for celebrations and banquets,, but
  12. "SPA servisa centrs", Ltd.

    Ziepniekkalna 13-1, Rīga, LV-1004

    +371 26333250

    Pool installation, Pool equipment, Pool chemicals, Everything for swimming pools, Swimming pools waterfalls fountains their accessories and sale, Pools, Swimming pool. Professional installation, swimming pool construction,, full service for swimming pools, pools, hydro massage, saunas, accessories,, chemistry, steam baths, climate control, shells, service, family home,, auxiliary buildings, baths, hydromassage, sheds, development of concepts,, service, ice generators, programmable massage showers, leaf collecting strainers,, vacuum brushes, thermometers, PH level meters, accessories for maintenance,, apkopju veikšanai, bath-house, sauna, flavors, chemicals for automatic dosage systems
  13. "BALANCE GYM" - "Atletika Kengarags", Fitness club

    Prūšu 46, Rīga, LV-1057

    +371 67256027

    Sports clubs, Fitness club, Gym, Aerobic lessons, Sports and fitness club. Technogym exercise machines. Aerobics, Fitness Yoga,, Pilates, Mind Body, Body Architect, Fat killer, Sculpturesque, Step tonic,, Figure art, BELLY DANCE, Batuka, City Dance, ABL + Stretch, Spine Strength,, TBC, Fit Ball, Body bike, Karate. Private coach services. Personal training programs., Diary of personal trainings. Physical condition diagnostics. Consultations., Massage. Sauna. Intensive solarium ISO Italia Matrix L58 ER. Phytobar., NRSW, NIKE, Salsa. Sports club in Kengarags T/C "DOLE" area. Body composition test., Les Mills. Body Pump. Sports nutrition. Gold Nutrition. Irom Max., Dietary nutrition. Sticec
  14. "Pegasa Pils", Hotel, Resort-Rehabilitation, SPA in Jurmala

    Jūras 60, Jūrmala, LV-2015

    +371 67761149

    Hotel Jūrmala, Hotel in Jurmala, Hotels, The largest restaurant in Jurmala, hotel in the center of Jurmala,, Hotel (Hotels). Four-star hotel, (4HTSTAR4). 40 rooms. Restaurant. Bar,, seminar, conference, banquet hall (8, 15, 40, 100 people.) corporate events,, seminars, banquets, billiards, stomatology, presentations, conferences,, weddings, anniversaries, live music, fireplace, social events, table laying,, coffee breaks, business lunch, weddings Jurmala, bathhouse in Jurmala,, Banquets in Jurmala. Table laying, events VIP in the center of Jurmala,, Conferences, seminars in Jurmala, event organizing, service, fireplace hall,, terrace, breakfast in bed, room, SPA services, procedures, bubble
  15. "BEJAS.LV", Recreation complex-camping by Bozu water reservoir

    Babītes p., Babītes n., LV-2107

    +371 26673507

    .. by the water. Possibility, to rent a portable sauna by the cabin. Bathhouse rental, rent. Tent places., Tent places. Large bath-house. Russian bathhouse. Bathhouse in Marupe,, In Piņķi, In Jaunmārupe. Small bath-house. Bathhouses in Marupe,, In Jaunmārupe, In Babite, In Piņķi, In Skulte. Camping, accommodation, in Riga's region, In Babītes parish, In Mārupes parish. Picnic place., Recreation by the lake. Summer bar. Sports games. Streetball field., Corporate event organizing. Mobile bath. Sauna in Mārupes district
  16. "IS", Ltd., Log buildings, Garden furniture

    Valmiermuiža, Vanagu 2, Valmieras p., Burtnieku n., LV-4219

    +371 28788080

    Log buildings, Log bathhouses, Log building houses, Log building production, production, installation. Log house sauna,, log bathhouses, bath-house. Garden furniture. Log building, Log, houses from turned logs, posts. Production of log buildings, renovation., Children's playgrounds from the log, wooden. Log houses from turned
  17. Fitness center ''OLYMP'', the first official HAMMER STRENGTH training center in the Baltics

    Brīvības 39, Liepāja, LV-3401

    +371 63456786

    Sports club, sports lessons, gym, aerobics, box, individual coaches,, bath-house, solarium, massage. Sporting goods store, fitness, sports activities,, sports, boxing workouts, individual workouts, individual sports training,, sports training for children, sports clothing, sports shoes, sports equipment,, Adidas, NIKE, Puma, Topten, sports nutrition. Fitness club. Gym., Fitness.,
  18. "Engels Hus", Ltd.

    Meliorācijas 9, Limbaži, Limbažu n., LV-4001

    +371 29175967

    Log buildings, Panel houses, Log buildings, Log building houses. Log bathhouses, Log building production,, Engels Hus, Limbazi, log buildings, norwegian type log buildings,, log production, log building.
  19. "Visdari", guest house

    Rumbula, "Visdari", Stopiņu n., LV-2121

    +371 28230994

    Recreation complex guest houses, Guest house near Riga, Cafes bars restaurants, Organization of banquets, Off-site banquets, Wedding banquet service, Room rental for events, Guest house, guest houses, guest house in Riga district, hotel near Riga., Bathhouse in Riga, bathhouse in Riga's region, guest house in Riga, Riga's region., Guest house "Visdari", tavern near Riga, offers a pub with a hearty feast,, business lunch - 3.60 EUR, (soups, second, drinks) banquet hall for, celebrations and seminars for up to 60 persons, off-site banquets,, anniversary cottages up to 20 people, rental of premises for events,, anniversaries, children's parties, wedding celebration, wedding service
  20. "Supernoma", Ltd.

    Katlakalns, "Graži", Ķekavas p., Ķekavas n., LV-2111

    +371 26660006

    Trailer rental, Minivans for rent, Boat rental, Cargo bus rental, Rental, rent, lease, rent super rent, Cargoes, passenger buses, bus,, minibus, sauna bus, bus, passenger van rental, with a chauffeur., Firewood chopper, transmitters, portable transmitter, dron, quad,, quadracycle, quadracycle, Motoroller, motoroller Kawasaki J300 2017,, J125 2017. Bath-house, baths, sauna, saunas, mobile, mobile, barrel,, sauna barrel, bath tub, tub. Tent, tent for events, 50 meters, 30 meters Trailers,, platforms, trailer, trailer with a tent, closed, 6 meters water attractions,, inflatables, Inflatable 3 seat Jobe, 2 seats, one, two, three, Catamaran,, catamaran, event, organizing, attributes, baths
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