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    1. КУРШАЛЕ, база отдыха

      238530, Куршская коса (Зеленоградский р-н), 14-й км

      +7 911 4700710

      Base of rest and tourist bases
    2. СОСНОВАЯ ПОЛЯНА, база отдыха

      238560, Светлогорск, Балтийская ул., 30

      +7 911 8657158

      Base of rest and tourist bases
    3. RIVERSIDE, country club

      236001, Калининград, Ялтинская ул., 20А

      +7 (4012) 991599

      Hotels, hostels
    4. АИСТ, турбаза

      238575, пос. Приморье (Светлогорский г.о.), Балтийский проспект, 2Б

      +7 963 2929160

      Base of rest and tourist bases

      238162, Светлогорск, пос. Отрадное, Калининградский проспект, 102

      +7 906 2393798

      Base of rest and tourist bases
    6. БАЛТИЙСКАЯ КОСА, база отдыха

      238520, Балтийская коса (Балтийский р-н)

      +7 909 7887788

      Base of rest and tourist bases
    7. БАЛТИЙСКИЕ ПЕСКИ, база отдыха

      238534, пос. Лесной (Зеленоградский р-н), Набережная ул., 4А

      +7 (4012) 571462

      Resorts, pensions and holiday homes
    8. БАЛТИЙСКИЕ ПЕСКИ, база отдыха

      238590, Светлогорск, Садовая ул., 11/13

      +7 (40153) 22160

      Base of rest and tourist bases
    9. ВИЗИТ, экологическая база отдыха

      238534, пос. Лесной (Зеленоградский р-н), Куршская коса, 16 км

      +7 (4012) 752135

      Base of rest and tourist bases
    10. ВИТЛАНД, туристический комплекс, арт-деревня

      238520, Балтийск, 10-й км Балтийского шоссе

      +7 963 3507913

      Hotels, hostels
    11. ВИШТЫНЕЦ, гостевой дом

      _ (Нестеровский р-н), озеро Виштынецкое

      +7 906 2313162

      Active rest and entertainments
    12. ВИШТЫНЕЦ, турбаза

      _ (Нестеровский р-н), озеро Виштынецкое

      +7 962 2534114

      Base of rest and tourist bases

      238520, Балтийск, Гончарова ул., 10, Балтийская коса

      +7 911 4582507

      Hotels, hostels
    14. ДЮНЫ, турбаза

      238530, Куршская коса (Зеленоградский р-н), 16-й км

      +7 905 2411001

      Base of rest and tourist bases
    15. ЗДОРОВЬЕ, туристическая база отдыха

      238534, пос. Лесной (Зеленоградский р-н), Центральная ул., 38Б

      +7 911 4905881

      Base of rest and tourist bases
    16. ЛЕСНАЯ СКАЗКА, туристическая база

      238460, Ладушкин (Багратионовский р-н), Сосновый бор

      +7 929 1652262

      Base of rest and tourist bases
    17. ПАРУС, турбаза

      _ (Нестеровский р-н), озеро Виштынецкое

      +7 906 2398065

      Base of rest and tourist bases
    18. ПРИКОСНИСЬ К НЕБУ, полеты на параплане

      236000, Калининград, Аэродром Девау

      +7 (4012) 402260

      Active rest and entertainments
    19. ПРИКОСНИСЬ К НЕБУ, полёты на параплане

      238560, Светлогорск, Карла Маркса ул., 7/10

      +7 (4012) 402260

      Active rest and entertainments
    20. СЕВЕРНАЯ, турбаза

      238024, пос. Пугачево (Нестеровский р-н), озеро Мариново

      +7 906 2188276

      Base of rest and tourist bases
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    Companies in Latvia

    1. "Smeceres sils", sports and recreation center

      Lazdonas p., Madonas n., LV-4824

      +371 26396032

      Skiing, Sports games, Sports camps, Seminar premises, Accommodation in Madona, Madona skiing tracks, Skiing in Madona, Biathlon tracks, Inventory rental,, ski maintenance and waxing, Adventure park with cable carriage,, BMX track, Asphalted roller skiing track, orienteering polygon,, organization of sports games, Shooting range, Logistics house, Conference hall,, Sauna, Cafe hall, Tent places.,
    2. "Zvejniekseta", guest house

      Dzintaru 36, Pāvilosta, Pāvilostas n., LV-3466

      +371 29449927

      Guest house in Pavilosta, Guest houses recreation complexes, Guest house, Camping in Pavilosta, Camping, Campings, Guest house, guest house, camping, rooms, rooms, camping houses,, recreation room, outdoor terrace, quiet and peaceful, berry picking,, mushroom picking, fishing, fish, fishing, sea ​​trips, ride by boat,, log cabins, networks, smokehouse, fully equipped guest house, shower,, toilet, tv, tent area, hot tub, tub, bath-house. Cods, overnight stay,[CPTAGBR
    3. "Bajāri", guest house in Rucava

      "Bajāri", Rucavas p., Rucavas n., LV-3477

      +371 26402106

      Accommodation, Guest house in Rucava, Banquets in Rucava, Guest house, Kurzeme. Guest house, guest house, holiday cottage, rooms, rooms,, quiet rest by the nature, 8 km to sea, rural sauna with birch, oak,, linden for brushes, ecological rest, volleyball field, leisure activities,, rest with family, for children, swings, celebrations, celebrations,, weddings, banquet hall. Rural idyll on the way to/from Lithuania., Accommodation, overnight stay, bed places, bed places, companies with transfers
    4. "Nemo", camping in Jurmala by the sea

      Atbalss 1, Jūrmala, LV-2008

      +371 26100500

      Camping, Campings, Camping in Jurmala, Camping, leisure centre, by the sea, holidays, safe for children,, for animals, recreation with friends, family, campers, accommodation,, comfortable, holiday cottages, leisure activities, picnic places,, grill, toilets, showers, tent, tent, picnic places.,
    5. "Raganas slota", guest house and camping near the Ventspils

      "Doniņi", Vārves p., Ventspils n., LV-3623

      +371 29255061

      Camping in Ventspils, Children's and pupil`s summer camps, guest house, guest house, camping,, rooms, rooms, banquet hall, conference hall, bathhouse complex, tub,, hot tub, equipped kitchen, satellite tv, internet, Wi-Fi, grill place,, fireplace sites, children playground, parking place, boat rental,, fish pond, fishing, sports field, streetball, volleyball field, outdoor terrace,, camping houses with equipped kitchen, in each house satellite TV,, at each house grill, outdoor terrace, landscaped camping, shower,, toilet, room for up to 70 people, recreation by the sea, works all year round,, heating all year round, weddings, celebrations.
    6. Russian public bath "Vizlas pirts"

      Vizlas 9, Rīga, LV-1057

      +371 29547689

      .. ] Public bath, Russian bathhouse, Public bath, Baths, Public bath, russian public bath, pool with cascade, showers, baths,, steam bath, beer bar, guarded car park. Landscaped outdoor garden terrace., Bathhouse - a good tradition and a real pleasure, relaxation, beauty and health., Steam bath. Birch, oak besoms, hygiene products. High quality massage,, massage services. Hair-dressing saloon, manicure, pedicure, solarium,, SPA. Bathhouse in Kengarags, center, Maskavas street. Public bath,[CPTAGBR
    7. "Laguna House", viesnica, "Laguna Lux", SIA

      Sunīši, Ezerkrasta 17, Garkalnes n., LV-2137

      +371 20393458

      .. 100 people. Conferences, events,, events. Wedding table laying, anniversary celebration. Off-site banquets., Outdoor terrace, grill, barbecue baking. Children's playground. Bath-house,, boat rental. Hotel, fishing. Hotel on the coast of the lake Sunīšu near the 3x3 track., Transport services.,
    8. "Konsol Logi", Ltd., sliding windows, doors in Riga

      Gogoļa 21, Rīga, LV-1050

      +371 66066824

      .. Riga, Ogre, Jelgava,, Jurmala, Center of Riga, Moscow region. PVC windows, Plastic doors., Sliding loggias, sliding systems, sliding window systems, window sliding systems,, windows, doors, sliding doors, sliding terraces, loggias, loggia glazing,, aluminum sliding structures, systems, glass, windowsills, windowsill production,, production, production, windowsill manufacturing, installation, window sill installation,, assembly, door assembly, window assembly, wooden windows, wooden doors,, plastic windows, plastic doors, PVC windows, PVC doors, aluminium windows,, aluminium doors, wooden, metal, plastic, PVC and
    9. Leisure centre "Kantes krogs", Banquets

      Miera 5, Gulbene, Gulbenes n., LV-4401

      +371 29441353

      Banquet hall, Banquets, Banquet hall Gulbene, Banquets, table laying. On-site banquets for up to 100 people. Catering,, banquet, home cuisine. Leisure centre, cafe, banquet hall, funeral feast,, table setting at the client, warm lunch delivery. Events, parties., Off-site banquets, lunch, banquet, weddings, celebrations, birthdays,, business lunch.,
    10. "Saulrieti", Leisure centre, hotel on the seashore

      Raiņa 11, Saulkrasti, Saulkrastu n., LV-2160

      +371 29407267

      .. to relax, relax near Riga,, peace, peace from the city bustle, rest, recreation from rush, power accumulation,, power recovery, energy recovery, closer to nature, resort in Latvia,, catering, rest evenings, recreation evenings with friends, recreation with friends,, sports, sports activities, sports activities along the sea, sports along the sea,, nature value conservation, public education, bath-house rituals,, rituals in bath, steaming.
    11. "Eko House"

      "Ceriņsēta", Ķekavas p., Ķekavas n., LV-2123

      +371 22562222

      .. , passenger transportation,, hire. Yacht club, cutter, boat, tourism, recreation, bases, guest houses,, leisure centre. Hotel type cottage, cottage, cottages, summer.. Ray Sundancer 260,, or captain. By the river, rivers, Daugava, Lielupi, The gulf of Riga., Hotel, sauna, saunas, fireplace, bath-house, baths. Ecotourism, ECO tourism and rural,, trips, organizing, events, attributes, event venues, place for events,, celebration, for celebrations, small ones.,
    12. "Burtnieku zirgaudzetava", Ltd.

      Burtnieki, Jāņa Vintēna 13, Burtnieku p., Burtnieku n., LV-4206

      +371 29886728

      Horse trade, Horse rides, stud-farm, horse trade, horse riding, horses in Burtnieki,, Burtnieku horse ranch, horse boarding house, box hire, donkeys, horses,, harness, breeding donkeys, manee rent, horse riding, horse maintenance., Horse-riding weddings, ride with a carriage, riding in a manege,, photo session with horses, horse training, horse training, horse rider training,, excursion to the horse farm, horse Antiques Museum.,
    13. "Lilastes Pirtnieks", Ltd.

      Lilaste, "Jaunladiņi", Saulkrastu p., Saulkrastu n., LV-2160

      +371 29254569

      .. from the bathhouse., Besom tied from oak. Scrubs and hygiene products. Place for campfire,, barbecue, garden table. Tableware and tea. Steaming cure, bath-house attendant,, steaming, accommodation, lodging, countryside bathhouse, there are, two rooms with beds and extra mattresses on the upper floor of the, sauna, and the house is with one more bed, heater and TV. Bathhouse recreation., Bathhouse attendant Tālis Justs, bathhouse in Saulkrasti, Saulkrasti,, Lilaste, Lilaste, Saulkrasti, Lilaste bathhouse
    14. "BEJAS.LV", Recreation complex-camping by Bozu water reservoir

      Babītes p., Babītes n., LV-2107

      +371 26673507

      .. noma Mārupē, Babītē,, vizināšanās ar SUP dēļiem Božu ūdenskrātuvē. SUP (Stand, Up Paddle) ir plats airu dēlis piemērots aktīvai atpūtai uz ūdens., Izbraukumu pirts noma. SUP noma Babīte. Swimming. Summer terrace., Beer. Bar. Organization of events. Sports activities. Leisure activities: Volleyball,, rowing boats, boat rental, water bike, catamaran, catamaran for rent., Children playground. Recreation with the family by the water. Possibility, to rent a portable sauna by the cabin. Bathhouse rental, rent
    15. "Zītari", Guest house, tavern in Ventspils

      Tirgus 11, Ventspils, LV-3601

      +371 25708338

      Guest house, Hotel, Guest house in Ventspils, Hotel, guest house, restaurant, bar, banquets, off-site banquets,, summer garden, musical evenings, quiet recreation in an ancient, historical style,, lunch in Ventspils, dinner in Ventspils, Ventspils center next to market square,, overnight stay, guest house, rooms, rooms, room with sauna, room with jacuzzi,, room with bubble bath, room with shower, apartment in two floors,, two-level apartments, summer garden, 300 m from the ferry terminal,, cozy interior, antient interior, good restaurant with an antique decor,, seminar premises, conference premises, room for up to 25 people, persons,, coffee break in Ventspils.,
    16. "Neptūns", restaurant, camping place in Jurmala

      Jaunķemeru ceļš 1, Jūrmala, LV-2012

      +371 67731289

      .. mornings, space decoration Camping,, campings, rest house, tent places, sea, rest, Campings, guest house,, guesthouses camping by the sea, Campings on the seashore, accommodation,, holiday cottage, campers, camper places, showers, WC, toilet, camper spot by the sea,, beach cafe by the sea in Jurmala, camping car parking, parking for trailers,, parking near the sea. Room rental for Christmas and New Year celebrations., Camper places. Smoked fish tasting. Business lunch. Coffee breaks. Projector rentals., Audio, video
    17. "Stafecka īpašumi", Ltd., "Orhideja", travel agency, Hotel Cesis, Accommodation Cesis

      Lielā Skolas 7, Cēsis, Cēsu n., LV-4101

      +371 64124077

      .. . Trips. Trip organization. Tourism routes., Hotel booking. Bath-house. Saunas. SPA. Skiing. Visa processing., Making visas to different countries of the world. Travel insurance., Travel agency in Cēsis. Cēsis area, district. Vidzeme, Valmiera., Baltics.. , Mouzenidis, Tallink. Cruises., We make acar rent for our customers in cooperation with AVIS. Booking, of airline tickets, bus tickets, hotels, transfer tickets.
    18. Safari Park - Guest House MORE

      "Saulstari", Mores p., Siguldas n., LV-2170

      +371 29664014

      .. nature,, nature watching, agritourism, with children, children playground,, rest, recreation complexes, restaurant, catering, where to eat, where to relax,, rest on water, venison, forest meat, game, hunted dishes, degustations,, picnic, picnic place, fireplace, tent places, organization of events,, archery, holidays, what to do on holidays, what to see, traditional products,, country goods, for gourmets.,
    19. "Zivermuiza", Ltd., Guest house

      Juglas 18h, Rīga, LV-1024

      +371 29396611

      Guest house in Riga, Guest house, recreation place, Playgrounds, trampoline, swings, sandbox,, sauna, trailer places, bath tub, hot tub, picnic places, table laying,, catering, banquet hall, karaoke, darts, seminar hall, internet, Wi-Fi,, TV, fireplace, parking place, sports field, fireplace.,
    20. "Eglieni", guest house, cafe

      "Eglieni", Jaunbērzes p., Dobeles n., LV-3717

      +371 29714879

      Weddings, Cafe, Guest house, Guest house, house, recreation, sports complex, lodging, accommodation,, overnight stay, bed places, sports games, centre, cafe, kitchen,, pub, weddings, catering, live music, banquet, banquets, banquet,, event servicing, karaoke, tent, tent places, trailer places, tub,, hot tub, hot tub, bath-house, sauna, baths, pond, fish, fishing,, recreation for families with children, children's playground, fireplace,, fireplace hall, fireplace, seminars, conferences, excursions, rides with a pony,, horse riding, pony, volleyball, football field, swings, trampoline,, pergola, outdoor fireplace, grill, barbecue, rabbits, sheep, social events,, anniversaries, table laying
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